Luck Of The Irish Griffins Week 1 Overview

Top ‘o the  mornin’ to ya Addicts. It’s time to celebrate good ole St Paddy with the new event that’s landed in Quahog,  Luck Of The Irish Griffins.


20th March 2019 at 3PM PDT.

This is a 2 week event!!!

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


***Post is complete with this week’s information***

***Wifey McBeaty’s Tavern only drops 2 Cheap 6-Pack every 8hrs, not 6

***You don’t need to buy Leprechaun Stewie to unlock Mickey McFinnigan***

***Petra is not in the game yet***


Version 1.85.2




Still seeing players locked out or having crashing. Sorry I have reported this constantly but they don’t seem to have a one fix fits all solution as yet.

If you’re locked out please report it to TinyCo,  you’ll find info on how to  HERE.

If you are having any other issues let me know in the comments.


Addicts Area
Main Questline – Prodigal Dad


Prodigal Dad

As requested I’m going to put the main questline post up quickly and update it as I progress.


Leprechaun Stewie (Character Costume): 270  Clams. Separate 4hr tasks to drop 1 Cheap 6-Pack or 1 Beard Trimmer, 8hr task to drop 1 Local Brew.

Mickey McFinnigan (Full Character): You’ll be directed to place him for 100 in-game cash from your store to start unlocking him at Pt 1 of the main Questline. Note sone drops only appear once you reach Part 2 of Prodigal Son.
20 Local Brew (Uncommon): Get from clearing Leprechaun Stewie Lie About His Age, Constance Lois Order A Round, Jerome Get Carded, Bruce Order A Refreshing Drink
30 Beard Trimmer (Always): Get from attacking Sir Knight-A-Lot, Leprechaun Stewie Clean Up His Beard
20 Golfer’s Cap (Common): Get from Stewie Act Like A Model, Joe Try A New Look, Cleveland Jr. Make A Fashion Statement, Al Harrington Discount The Hats
Cheap 6-Pack (Rare): Get from Leprechaun Stewie Search The Fridge, Peter Pick Up Some Beers, O’Brien Crack Open A Cold One

O’Brien (Full Character): You’ll be directed to place him for 100 in-game cash from your store to start unlocking him at Pt 1 of the main Questline. 4hr task with a chance of dropping 1 Cheap 6-Pack.

16 Wool (Uncommon): Get from clearing Griffin
25 Green Juice (Common): Get from – Quagmire Increase His Energy, Brian Blend Some Kale, Bonnie Go On A Juice Cleanse, Potato Farm Inn


The main event currency is Shamrocks and this is used to buy event items in the store.

 Shamrocks (Always) – Get from clearing Griffins, clearing Potato Bugs, Attacking Sir Knight-A-Lot, The Shamrock Lawnmower, The Shamrock Greenhouse, Complete Questline parts

You can see how many you have at the bottom of your screen in this box.


 Potatoes (Common) –  Get from clearing Potato Bugs, Potato Cart

 Bug Spray (Common) –  Get from clearing Griffins, Buy from store. (You’ll also get 1 free to use every 4hrs)


1   costs 9 

5   costs 40 

10   costs 75 


Shamrock Lawnmower – 250  Drops 20 Shamrocks every 12hrs

Shamrock Greenhouse – 500  Drops 50 Shamrocks every 24hrs

Potato Cart – 150  Drops 2 Potatoes every 12hrs

Mickey McFinnigan in Beer Barrels – 100  to place for unlocking

O’Brien in Beehive Tree – 100  to place for unlocking

Many of the items below will show as locked, they will unlock as you place the item before them in this list.

***Still in Progress***

Potato Fam Inn – 100  – Chance drop of 2 Green Juice every 4hrs

Irish Soap Cutlery – 250  – No drops

Wifey McBeaty’s Tavern – 350  – Always drop 2 Cheap 6-Pack every 8hrs

‘Better In Ireland’ Brewery – 600  – Chance drop of 2 Local Brew every 8hrs


These are the little baddies this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just a simple tap and they are gone.

As always you will find Griffins wandering around your sidewalks.

Simply tap one of them and it’s gone.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 4 in my game. And they seem to be released in batches of 1-2 every few hours or so.

The event rewards for clearing Turkeys are as follows:

Per Griffin Cleared
2 Shamrocks (Always)
1 Wool (Chance)
1 Bug Spray (Chance)

Building infestations

I know everyone is fed up talking about bugs, we’ve had so many in our games of late we’re sick of them, but I’m afraid we just can’t avoid them as the new event, is seeing them infect our Quahogs with more of the little buggers than ever. So let’s talk about building infestations….

You will start seeing buildings infested with potato bugs when you trigger the main Questline. You will then see large bugs appearing on random buildings in Quahog, this means they are infested. You’re looking for buildings that have a bug above them, like this.

There are many buildings that ca be affected, below is a list of buildings that have previously been used for this type of gameplay:

Abandoned Warehouse, Quahog Wharf, Quahog Mini-Mart, Library, Flappy Jacks, Got Wood Furniture Store, Yacht Club, Lighthouse, PF Chinese, Awful, Person Hattery, Modern Mausoleum, Quahog Amusement Park, McBurgertown, Quahog City Hall, Quahog Police Station, Le Croissant Degoutant, Quahog, Cinema, Dog Park, Dansu Dansu, Sleek Office, Average Office, We Heal You Long Time, Dog Pound, Quahog Playhouse, Channel 5 News, Common Office, Madeleine’s Boutique, See Through Office, Quahog Fire Station, News Truck, Typical Office, Quahog Funeral Home, Quahog Public Library, Bob’s Funland, Quahog Oceanland, Quahog Malt Shoppe.

I’d advise as pulling as many of these buildings as you can out of storage to try to lessen the chances of essential buildings being infested – i.e.  those that are needed for character tasks such McBurgertown, Quahog Mini-Mart.

Please note this is because when a building is infested you will not be able to collect rent, finish characters actions, or send characters on actions there until it is cleared.

To clear an infestation you will quite simply need Bug Spray.

Bug Spray (Common): Get from clearing Griffins, Buy from store. (You’ll also get 1 free to use every 4hrs)

You can see how many you have in the Pesticide tab at the bottom of your screen.  Please note the free Spray doesn’t show.

***Again remember as I said  you automatically gain 1 free Spray every 4 hours. Just make sure you use it every 4hrs to reset the “FREE” timer***

To clear an infestation is pretty simple, every 4 hours or once you’re earned a Bug Spray, click on any building with a bug on it. This will bring up the spraying screen.

You will either see SPRAY which means your 4 hour timer has finished and awarded you a free Spray to use. Simply tap Spray and you’re done. However if your timer is still counting down from 4 hours, you will need to use a Bug Spray collected from playing the event. In this case you will see FILL ‘ER UP. Simply tap this, then tap SPRAY and you’re done. If you’re timer is still counting down from 4 hours and you’ve no Bug Spray, and lets face it that’s going happen until a lot, then you’ll just see NEED MORE. So just come back later when your free Bug Spray is ready.

Clearing infestations drops the following:

Per Infestation Cleared:
6 Shamrocks (Always)
1 Potato (Chance) – Only shows as a drop after Sir Knight-A-Lot appears

Sir knight-A-Lot BOSS

The Sir Knight-A-Lot Boss will appear as soon as you trigger Part 2 of the main Questline. This is your Main Boss this week of the Event. You will “Pelt” him with Potatoes you collect during the Event.  You need to defeat him to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

 Potatoes (Common) –  Get from clearing Potato Bugs, Potato Cart

You’ll see him wandering your sidewalks with a timer.

Simply tap him and you’ll see the level requirement trade and rewards. Collect the Potatoes necessary for pelting him then hit, eh, “TRIP“.

Here is the general breakdown of trades costs and rewards. The item you need to trade may differ from mine but the amounts needed will be the same.

1X – Requires 2 Potatoes
Rewards – 8 Shamrocks & 1 Beard Trimmer

2X – Requires 4 Potatoes
Rewards – 16 Shamrocks & 2 Beard Trimmers

3X – Requires 6 Potatoes
Rewards – 24 Shamrocks & 2 Beard Trimmers

4X – Requires 8 Potatoes
Rewards – 32 Shamrocks & 3 Beard Trimmers

5X – Requires 10 Potatoes
Rewards – 40 Shamrocks & 3 Beard Trimmers

You have 24hrs to hit the highest level before Sir Knight-A-Lot will rest (cool down). His cool down is 2 hours. You can wake him immediately for 4 Clams.

Please note when he returns he will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake him at the level he went into cool down at.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through the first Week of the New Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

51 responses to “Luck Of The Irish Griffins Week 1 Overview

  1. Anyone else having issues with O’Brien being able to “Crack Open a Cold One”? Do I need a certain building or character leave?


  2. Cherry Bakewell

    I didn’t notice the Cleveland Jr and Al Harrington jobs initially; however I’ve counted 9 buildings that are required for Mickey McFinnigan drops but don’t receive that many sprays in a 4 hour period. So I can’t clear all the bugs anyway.


  3. Is it happening to anybody else that the game is crashing more often with the event and the lag is worse? A couple of days ago it started crashing everytime I check the game. It takes me two tries at least to send characters to do tasks.
    And it takes 10 min (I checked!!) to load the game, so with the crashes and lag, and having to load two (or three) times it takes me about 40 minutes to check the game!!
    I keep the game with low graphics all the time, and I delete the app and reinstall after each big event. This seems to be an event-related bug. Has anybody else noticed that?

    Also, has anybody got their market ‘reset’ and showing everything as new? My market shows all the itmes as new, even the lamposts and street signs from the beginning. Not serious, but strange


  4. The Knight looks like Saddam Hussein. Lol


  5. This works for me and hope it works for others, when trying to clear a building where a task is going on and bugs are on it, if you go to Mickey and click on the task, if the task is not complete the sprayer will show up over the building, if you click on the task and it is complete Peter will show up with the you must do this to do that bubble and it is ready to collect. With this you hopefully will not need to waste sprayers.


  6. I’ve had a really high rate of griffins/bug sprays so far. I’d be confident in saying I get spray from them 90% of the time. I actually am able to fully spray all infested buildings and still have a surplus of spray left over. I just cleared everything now and have 8 spray left after.


  7. Dose any one know what Chris Griffin dose in this event? He is listed as a character that is used but no action comes up for him.


  8. Kane Harrison

    What really annoys me about the bug infestation mechanic is that it doesn’t show if a character inside the building has completed the task. You have to waste bug spray to see if a character is ready (or even in there at all) and if the character isn’t ready, you can be damn sure the bugs will return before the task is complete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RussianTigger

      Yes some players are therefore timing the tasks and grouping buildings by 4hrs or 6hr tasks. But I agree it should still show if task is complete


  9. Is it a typo that wifey mcbeaty tavern has 6x drop 6-pack?


  10. To make matters worse, I don’t know if it’s just my own bad RNG, but I literally just used 3 bug sprays and 2 of the buildings got re-infested IMMEDIATELY after I sprayed them. I didn’t even have a chance to complete the character tasks that were locked in there.

    There really should be some sort of cooldown on those bug infestations. It’s not even remotely “fair” to have the bug spray not even provide an instant to unlock the buildings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RussianTigger

      I’m having same issue and the infestations don’t seem to move from the buildings either

      Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t had this happen at all, and maybe I accidentally found a trick to avoid it? Every time I spray the maximum number of buildings that can be infested are. So maybe that avoids quick respawn, if it was already maxed when you use the spray if that makes sense.


    • Seeing that too. As soon as I spray the building, I hit the check to complete the task and then immediately resend the character to repeat the task. Seems just enough time for that, but not if you go around spraying all the buildings before you start completing tasks and resending the characters.

      The infestation doesn’t seem random, and having more possible buildings doesn’t seem to help. It seems the game algorithm is prioritizing buildings used for this phase over empty buildings.


  11. i really don’t care much for these bugs
    they’re infesting all the important buildings in my town
    do you suggest i pull out more buildings from my inventory ?


  12. “The main event currency is Fuel Rods and this is used to buy event items in the Haunted Mansion.”??? Say what? 😀


  13. It’d be nice if we had a list of characters with how many hours their tasks with drops take and which buildings they use. It would save me a little bit of time. I know it varies between 4 and 6 hours for the same item.


    • RussianTigger

      Complete task and building posts used to be done but unfortunately to save you a little time it would take me a lot of time – and it wasn’t something readers wanted when I asked them to prioritise what I would cover when I was left as only writer on the blog, hence no longer do these posts. But not sure if you mean this or you mean just tasks and buildings affected by infestations?


      • I just mean the tasks for this event that have drops and the associated buildings. I made a list of some of it for my own use. Maybe it’ll be helpful to others. This way you know which characters and buildings will be ready and which ones are priority to remove the infestation.

        I removed as many of the buildings from inventory from your list that I could. It was easy to find them if you filter and scroll to the right to filter by district.

        Golfer’s Cap
        Joe – 6 hrs – Police Station
        Cleveland Jr – 4 hrs – Dog Park
        Al Harrington – 4 hrs – Madeleine’s Boutique
        Stewie – 6 hrs – Tiny Tots Preschool

        Green Juice
        Bonnie – 4 hrs – Swanson House
        Brian – 2 hrs – Public Library
        Quagmire – 4 hrs – Quagmire’s House

        Cheap 6-pack Beer
        Peter – 8 hrs – Thrift Shop

        Local Brew
        Constance Louis – 6 hrs – Quahog Day Spa
        Jerome – 8 hrs – Quahog Mini Mart
        Bruce – 8 hrs – McBurgertown

        Liked by 2 people

  14. Who brought leprechaun Stewie,because i did…


  15. I don’t know if I was lucky or not but I had 6 Griffins walking around this morning. Hopefully that becomes common because they are great for the drops they do.


  16. Looks like Cleveland Jr. has a task, but I must have put the building he needs into storage. Usually it names the building, but its not this time. Do you know the building he needs for the Golfer’s Cap-Mickey drop?


    • RussianTigger

      Just hit the Go and it will take you to it in your storage but incase it doesn’t you’re looking for the Quahog Dog Park

      Liked by 1 person

      • OMG Thank you! I had tried holding it, sliding it, and some other things, but I didn’t know ya just….tap it! SOOOOO may times I’ve needed a building and I’m just scrolling for days…. THX!


  17. Really fricking excited that Micky and O’Brien have been added. Only been on everyone’s wishlist for 4yrs!! Hats off to TC/JC for finally listening to players.

    It’s a bit annoying/frustrating though that characters get locked in/out of buildings. Pretty much all my buildings where I sent a character to is locked out because of bug infestation.
    So without spending a ton of clams on bug spray we’re stuck to only spraying 1 building every 4 hrs (or hope that griffns drop bug spray regularly – but they take time to spawn) – potentially missing out on collections because of having to spray building X to let characters in/out in order to collect items.

    In this situation maybe drops should be an ‘always’ because you need item X to clear building Y to then send character Z to collect item Q which is a chance drop but building Y might be blocked so you need another item X to clear it before you can see if item Q has successfully dropped. lol


    • RussianTigger

      I agree, I’ve put a list of buildings that can get infested on main overview list, Try have as many Out as possible


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