Wicked Glitch Alert – App Version 1.77.0 Update!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem this wicked glitch is proving harder to get rid of than TinyCo had hoped. After delaying the event start to push a fix and throwing us a few Clams in way if apology many players are still locked out or now experiencing the glitch.

I’ve reported it to TinyCo once again, and here’s hoping they can get a full fix out soon. However feel free to leave your device details and any error codes in the comments and we’ll see if we can see any pattern to help get this fixed asap.

Also a quick heads up that now the new event has  gone live I will get the live post up as soon as I can, but as much as I’m not locked out I’m having some crashing which is stalling my progress at times, but it should be up in the next hour.

~ Russian Tigger

34 responses to “Wicked Glitch Alert – App Version 1.77.0 Update!!!

  1. Russian Tigger my family guy quest game stopped loading during the Bug extermination event. I barely was able to play at all without it crashing all the time. Then the thanksgiving event came along. The game stopped loading right at the title and I miss it really bad. I love this game. I also have family guy mobile. A great match 3 game. This game is fun and I have a great time playing it. Please help if you can.


  2. if i was to start a new game on a new device how long would it take for me to he able to start a new event?


    • You will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s Harrington’s complete. Once you’ve done that events trigger.


  3. After the repeated crashes in the last event, which worn out my patience, I thought I would give this Halloween a try but I’m stuck at the loading screen forever. Just loading and loading, and can’t get into the game. Keeps testing my limits. Quite unfortunate as I have been playing quite smoothly last 2 years.


  4. I just tried messaging TinyCo, but it wont let me report without my Player ID, which I cant access on either device. iPad wont start and Android wont let me log into my tinyco acct.


  5. I’m upset. I got live event this morning and was able to play for a hour before game kept crashing and finally crashed my iPad Air. I have not been able to restart my iPad since. i also installed the game on my android tablet and have not been able to log in my tinyco account to add my current level on the android tablet because it crashes every time I do that. I can’t play game and only have one working tablet (android) and I now have to go to an apple store or find someone with a pc to recover my iPad. This has never ever happened to me before.


  6. Okay, now finally back in the game. Yeah!
    Bought Lilly and tried to attack a vampire … crash. Boo!
    Looks like there are more gremlins afoot for this Halloween event, and I thought Gremlins was a Christmas movie. 🙂


  7. I was able to start the event but now can’t get in, sent screen shot to TinyCo, I’m on iOS 11.4.


  8. Response back from TinyCo that they have pushed a fix, however, the fix they have pushed hasn’t done anything. Still crashing on loading for Android.


  9. Like others, I am locked out of my game. I use an Android phone (Moto) and an iPad. Prior to the new event launching, the loading was sluggish and would sometimes fail but after a few attempts I could get in and all was fine. I got in once shortly after the event began and was able to send characters off to do event tasks. Then when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t get past the load screen. It would either hang on the load screen, kick me out, or a message similar to what others have reported would appear. (FGGraph::addPlaceable invalid index for placeable (fg_building_HauntedMansionParty_67581_E_8x6 [15.000000, -76.000000]), i= -65, mWiddth=285, j=119)

    Reported it to TinyCo this morning. Heard back about 40 minutes ago that they had pushed out a fix. They wanted me to restart my device, verify that I was on version 1.77.0, and try it again. I don’t have my iPad with me, but I tried on my phone to no avail. I responded back that it still isn’t working. Hope they are able to find a fix that will work for everyone.


  10. still getting this “FGGraph:addPlaceable invalid index for placeable (fg_building_HauntedMansionParty_67581_E_8x6[15.000000),-76.000000]),I = -65, mWidth = 285, j = 119”


  11. Sent the following to TinyCo, still can’t load the program. Yesterday morning I was able to and assign my characters for the event but I can’t get back in.

    Error: FGGraph::addPlaceable invalid index for placeable (fg_building_HauntedMansionParty_67581_E_8x6 [15.000000, -76.000000]), i = -65, mWidth = 285, j = 119

    PlayerId: ***removed***

    Device Info:


  12. I’m not sure about you but, I can’t put my characters from the last event into my inventory…and also when I do look in my inventory, all of the other characters are blank.


  13. locked out of my lg tablet and my note 5 phone… there is a very long error code with something about a haunted mansion…sure im not the only one…


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