The Making Of A Monster Hunter – Monster Manuals!!!

Never fear, the Addicts are here… and today I’m going to solve all your Monster Manual woes.

Yes there’s a bit of panic in the ranks regarding how to get your hands on Monster Manuals without purchasing the premium Sleeping Gnome.

But don’t reach for the pitchforks just yet as it’s not the only source of Monster Manuals. Joe and Quagmire both have tasks to drop these, but you won’t see these until you either unlock Count Crotchula Peter or buy Lily Munster. So basically you must have someone who can fight the Vampiress before the Monster Manual drop shows.

So remember you can only get Monster Manuals from character drops once your able to use them. There you go, panic over….. until the next time!!!

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “The Making Of A Monster Hunter – Monster Manuals!!!

  1. Sorry ,my mistake didn’t scroll down far enough. But thank you for your time to answer.


  2. Are these the only 2 characters dropping items or is there more i should know about, please someone let me know, much appreciated 😁☺


  3. My game won’t load after new update


  4. i only noticed Joe . i didn’t notice Quagmire .
    i just sent Quag on his task
    but these are “rare” i think so it’ll be a pain in the neck getting them to drop ..


  5. Whew, figured I must have been missing something, thanks RT! Wonder how the heck I would have figured that out without this site.


  6. The icon for quagmire to Hunt for Brutes does not appear on his list of requirements of quests.


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