Update Alert – App Version 1.77.2!!!

Hi fellow addicts

Theres an update in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore App Version 1.70.2. If you’re locked out you may want to update and see if that fixes the issue for you. Let me know in the comments if you can now get in to your games please.

~ Russian Tigger

23 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 1.77.2!!!

  1. Nope. Was able to get in before, with major crashing, now won’t load.


  2. Cathy Oney Custer

    What day did it actually start? My mom died last week, and I quit the last event cold turkey. I’m wondering if I’ll catch up, or should I just sit this one out.


  3. Still no luck. 😦


  4. I still have 80’s Quagmire showing up as an unlockable character…


  5. Thank you for your quick reply i loaded update didn’t work uninstalled took ages to load then it just cuts off reinstalled again but it won’t load now


  6. On my Android phone it doesn’t load anything about the new game or features/functions etc. The only thing that lets me know there is anything different is a quest for Peter to “sharpen his fangs”. I do that but still it doesn’t jumpstart the game to load properly.
    That’s my update for you. Thanks!


  7. there were a couple hiccups when i started the event (loading awfully slow – or not at all – with random sounds coming out while loading) but since the event started i had no problems .. and i just updated to the latest version so i suppose all is good here


  8. Yes, I was finally able to attack Vampiress with Lily Munster after the update.
    Thanks for the heads up with the update as well RussianTigger. I went into the app store but there was nothing there (on my app updates page). After doing a search for the game, it finally appeared. Probably would not have known about the update otherwise. 👍


  9. Still cant get in on ipad 😟


  10. uh oh, looks like no love for Facebook players again – getting “pardon our dust, we’re busy upgrading the game on Facebook right now, but you can still play on your mobile device” – love the assumption that everyone has a mobile device. I have an android tablet, thankfully, but do not carry a phone (I don’t generally care for communication).


  11. 1.77.0 started working on Android a short while ago, but there is no update to 1.77.2 in their store.


  12. With the last update (the one that changed the thumbnail to vampire Peter), my loading bar only got up to the word “best”. With this latest update, it only gets to the word “headphones”. I really hope it gets fixed soon and doesn’t affect my standing in this latest event, because it looks fun 😕 (btw I’m playing on an iPhone 6s Plus, if that’s relevant. Haven’t updated to latest iOS either – I try to wait until new iOS bugs are sorted before I update it)


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