Luck of the Irish Griffins Bug Spray Tip from Wildbill!!!

A fellow reader, Wildbill,  shared a tip in the comments that might help you decide which building to use your Bug Sprays on in the Luck of the Irish Griffins. I can’t test this as I’ve got all the drops I need but you might want to try it. 

From Wildbill:

“This works for me and hope it works for others, when trying to clear a building where a task is going on and bugs are on it, if you go to Mickey and click on the task, if the task is not complete the sprayer will show up over the building, if you click on the task and it is complete Peter will show up with the you must do this to do that bubble and it is ready to collect. With this you hopefully will not need to waste sprayers”.

Thanks again Wildbill.

~ Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Luck of the Irish Griffins Bug Spray Tip from Wildbill!!!

  1. I will have to try this. My system is to arrange my buildings that have quest related tasks all together. I try to put them in order of length of task too so all of the 8hrs are together, 6hr together, etc. When I have all of them assigned I start a VISIBLE 8hr task with a character not involved (like a dinasour or death) and use that as my timer. I can see how long it has run so I know when my 4hour tasks are done and are safe to clear the bugs from and collect. Because I know which buildings have the longer tasks I know that if I wait for Death to finish I can collect those long tasks.

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  2. Major glitch in the game causing me not to play. all my characters are out of the hotel and I can’t put them back in, all prior event items are on all the characters and the 80’s Cleveland tasks just keeps popping up and won’t disappear. I asked Tiny co for help but still no solution. I’ve been waiting patiently for 5 days but if by saturday not fixed , then sadly I’ll have to find a new game to play. Unless anyone here has a different suggestion?


  3. Glad I could help. I have received so much help from RT and all of you that is was great to give some back. Let’s just hope it continues into the next phase. A big thanks to RT for keeping things going.

    Thank you RT.

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  4. Brilliant. In did find that a clock, a pen and piece of paper worked, haha, but that is a stroke of genius.


  5. THANK YOU!! I was not making this connection before you posted this. So glad to hold on to my sprays until I need them!


  6. I had been checking the tasks through Mickey just to remember what buildings they were. I hadn’t thought about the scenario that you described, very helpful. Thanks for this!!!


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