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Luck of the Irish Griffins Bug Spray Tip from Wildbill!!!

A fellow reader, Wildbill,  shared a tip in the comments that might help you decide which building to use your Bug Sprays on in the Luck of the Irish Griffins. I can’t test this as I’ve got all the drops I need but you might want to try it. 

From Wildbill:

“This works for me and hope it works for others, when trying to clear a building where a task is going on and bugs are on it, if you go to Mickey and click on the task, if the task is not complete the sprayer will show up over the building, if you click on the task and it is complete Peter will show up with the you must do this to do that bubble and it is ready to collect. With this you hopefully will not need to waste sprayers”.

Thanks again Wildbill.

~ Russian Tigger

The Hauntening Episode 2: Characters That Drop Stuff

Hey there, Clammers!

Episode 2 The Hauntening is now live in our games and some MORE characters are getting tasks to help get MORE STUFF for your games! So let’s try and keep track of them here 🙂

image  image   Cosmic Radiation   skeleton-key

A few characters in Quahog have tasks to help you earn stuff for Carl and fighting the aliens & bugs…and of course you want to know which ones earn what, how often & how many. So…without further ado let’s cover the who, what, where, when and how of The Hauntening Episode 2 tasks to earn you more stuff! Continue reading