The Winter Summer Reunion – What Team Are You?

The team battle continues,and at the time of writing this Team Marshmallow is not as soft as it looks, as it’s currently beating it’s currently soft centred opponent Team Candy.

But as I say this is only at this moment in time, by the time you read this Team Candy might have found it’s hard outer shell and be beating Team Marshmallow into a gooey mess. The lead keeps changing, so keep playing.

And I thought what better way to add to our sugar fuelled excitement than find out what team you’re batting for. So take a second below to answer the poll and may the best team win.

13 responses to “The Winter Summer Reunion – What Team Are You?

  1. Matthew Bryde

    I was on team Marshmallow and won, but didn’t get a new character/skin as a reward. So won, but no new Peter 😦


  2. Guess we all didn’t “go left” as hoped. Oh well…I contributed over 600 to the losing side. lol I got Cleveland, but missed out on Peter.


  3. Matthew Goodall

    Two losses to team candy. That sucks. This event is one of the worst ideas they’ve come up with so far. I don’t mind missing out on a character/skin if I myself couldn’t earn it in time, but to miss out on two (and the resulting clams from character sets and event assistance they provide) simply because of an arbitrary choice of team, is incredibly frustrating. And you just know Tinyco will make them available for clams at some point, which is insulting, and even though I try to be a completist when it comes to characters/skins, I’ll boycott those if they do that, simply out of principal. Tinyco should give them to everyone who hasn’t got them for free at the end of the event.


    • RussianTigger

      To be fair they changed it for the 2nd team battle to give you an alternative way to earn Bad a Boy Peter and quite few players earned him that way. So they are listening and making changes so please feedback on the post I put up later regarding Team Battles.


  4. Cherry Bakewell

    I guessed they’d fix it so the other team won this time and switched to candy. Oops, got that wrong!


  5. Gotta stay with Marshmallow.
    That a***-on-a-stick still looks disturbing to me…


  6. i didn’t think Team Marshmallow would continue winning esp. with Team Candy losing in the last second the first round , I thought more people would jump ship to Team Candy but apparently the opposite happened. Team Candy is losing 😦


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