Winter Summer Reunion Event Side Questline: Diehard Fanbase

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through the latest battle quest in Winter Summer Reunion.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Side Questline, Diehard Fanbase. 

***I’ll add parts as I trigger them, but here’s 8 total and you’ll be awarded Bad a Boy Peter for completing them all even if you’re on the losing team. But you’ve only hit until 5th May at 9PM PST to complete it**

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 1

Learn About The Quest For Supremacy: Tap “Go” to complete
Earn Bad Boy Peter For Completing This Challenge Quest: Clear the 8 parts

Completed Task 1  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 2

Clear 10 Paparazzi

Completed Task 1  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 3

Clear 25 Paparazzi

Completed Task 2  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 4

Clear 50 Paparazzi

Completed Task 5  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 5

Clear 100 Paparazzi

Completed Task 5  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 6

Clear 200 Paparazzi

Completed Task 5  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 7

Clear 300 Paparazzi

***Please note alhough the task says clear 300 the counter shows 100 at this time)

Completed Task 10  100  

Diehard Fanbase Pt. 8

***Please note alhough the task says clear 500 the counter shows 100 at this time)

Clear 500 Paparazzi

Completed Task 100   and

There you have it, the Side Questline that will take you along the Quest For Supremacy in the Winter Summer Reunion EventWhere are you so far?  Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

15 responses to “Winter Summer Reunion Event Side Questline: Diehard Fanbase

  1. It seems both the clear 300 task and the clear 500 task now only require 100 in the counter. I guess finally TinyCo woke up and realized that their tasks are too much for the short time they give to fill this mission. Now there is a reasonable chance to complete this quest and not rely on the team prize. Hopefully I will get there before the time out in 12 hours.


  2. Part 8 is doing 200
    From 300>500


  3. darthmaleval

    At both the 300 and 500 levels, my game also required only 100 balloons for each (instead of a total 800…can you imagine)!!! So I’ve now unlocked Peter!
    Hopefully this is an intentional change on their part.


  4. Will this side questline end in the next day or at the end of the event which is 4 days plus.


  5. Most of this game is about trying to get event stuff while Tinyco tries to stop you. This is the ultimate distraction. If I go for the guns to get bad boy Peter by completing the die-hard fan base questline (which looks just about impossible) I cannot get bad boy Joe as the characters that drop guns also drop stuff for Joe. Well, I ain’t falling for it. If I can only get one of them that way, I pick Joe, saves me from clearing 100s of paparazzi even though it is unlikely I can get enough guns for Peter in time.


  6. Personally I think it’s great that we’re finally receiving clams for completing things… every clam counts IMO 😁


    • RussianTigger

      I think it’s better than the nothing we were getting before


    • Loving the clams but, it seems the clams are worthless now. None of the characters or costumes are worth their clam cost and are usually useless after the event they feature in. Any returning character or costumes that pop up during the event are never for clams, they are always tied to item purchases. It seems Tinyco realized how ridiculous most of their events are and try to entice you into buying needed material for cash. I’m now sitting on around 1500 clams. These are all from hoarding free clams as there is usually nothing I really have to have. I haven’t purchased clams since the very first Halloween event when, I had to have everything since I love the Ghostbusters and horror stuff, and the comic con event that featured the DC comic characters, and I needed all that as well.

      It seems like clams are being required less and micro transactions for quest materials will be one the new norm.


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