Tell TinyCo What You Think – Love It Or Hate It Here’s Where To State It

Hey Addicts it’s time to gather your thoughts….. I won’t give you a penny for them but I would appreciate hearing them. I want to chat about the new and returning game features that have hit our games this year.  

Anyway here’s the poll where you can tell us, and TinyCo, what you think of some of the features such as the return of Facespace Sets, Battles and other things.

Russian Tigger

If you play on IOS device where the poll jumps you can avoid it by clicking here to complete the poll.


2 responses to “Tell TinyCo What You Think – Love It Or Hate It Here’s Where To State It

  1. > Paying Stamp Card = even though I’ll never participate by spending real money on a gaming app I hate the idea of it
    > Battle for Supremacy = i won both times during the Winter Summer event but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.
    > Clams for Quests = i didn’t even realise they’d taken this away but, ok, cool, more ways to get free clams
    > Squatter button = love it and will be handy when you get stragglers who wander round outside the pavement areas, which has happened in previous events
    > Facespace = meh. If they have X freemium characters and 1 premium in a set they’re hardly ever achievable anyway


  2. Bill Trepkowski

    I’m really tired of them waiting until the waning days of an event to “upgrade” it for Facebook, so you basically can’t complete whatever you were doing, unless you want to play on a mobile device and have to recharge your phone every few hours (which still means you have to stop playing at some point). To make matters worse, WEEKS pass as these “upgrades” go on. Funny, it doesn’t take that much work to update the game for mobile devices, but Facebook is rocket science to them.

    Anyone with any semblance of common sense would just pick a time IN-BETWEEN events, and maybe post an announcement that the game will be unavailable for a week or two while they upgrade it for all platforms, allowing everyone to reacquaint themselves with having a life!


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