IOS Update 1.89.0 loading & crashing glitch….

Just a heads up that TinyCo are aware some players are having issues since the latest IOS update.

Russian Tigger

13 responses to “IOS Update 1.89.0 loading & crashing glitch….

  1. 1.89.1 was released today and it fixed all the problems I was having.


  2. So I just started this game 2 weeks ago and I wanted to know how to get events cause it’s not on the game for me, do I need to get to a specific level


  3. Wax Monster X

    On 5/16 the game became unstable presenting long completed tasks, releasing all previous characters into play and crashing. Seems like an extension of the issue with the previous summer camp task reappearing. The icon for FGQFS support on Tinyco links to Futurama, which is very worrying. They can’t even get this right. Other “Contact” methods on the website are also down and bounce back. ????


  4. Thanks for the update cause my game crashes as soon as I tap on anything, I can’t even open up the menu to report a glitch.


  5. Like usual, all good on android


  6. Thank you, I’m relieved it’s not just me!


  7. Some people are still having issues from over a month ago!


    • RussianTigger

      Some are having issues since February/March. Unfortunately some these glitches don’t seem to have an easy fix.


  8. That would be me! It keeps crashing on my iPad. Ugh.


  9. yup – mine crashed yest when whilst still trying to unlock Gold Suit Meg and I clicked on the Card list. As soon as i tried to scroll the list of places to get them from it crashed.
    And today it’s crashing when I try to spin the prize wheel


  10. Thanks RT. I guess it’s kind of good to know it’s not just me. Been playing this game since launch and I was about to ditch it for good.


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