If you don’t already have Cleveland…..

Then how do you get Statue Of Liberty Cleveland? That’s the quandary I raised with TinyCo, and they’ve responded that they’ve made him available to buy in store for 99 Clams.

Now, be aware, whether you choose to buy him or not WILL impact on your event progression as you can’t complete the Week 2 main Questline, Freedom Of Speech, without him as Statue Of Liberty Cleveland has a task to do in Part 7.

So how do you all feel about this? Let me know in the comments. I’d also be grateful if you could complete the 2 attached polls. I can then feed this back to TinyCo.

Russian Tigger

UPDATE – They listened and removed the need for Cleveland to complete the Questline, thanks to everyone who commented, wrote in, and completed the poll. To help this change come about.

39 responses to “If you don’t already have Cleveland…..

  1. I was 3 red books short of getting statue of liberty Cleveland outfit, as well as on my last round of fighting alien to get them, when they took away alien and chance to face him. I only had like an hour left in finishing the fight and week 3 phase began and alien vanished. Am I out of luck now on trying to get this now?


  2. Apparently, they have changed part 7 so it no longer requires Cleveland. So a bit of good news.


  3. Looks like they changed part 7. No longer need to do a task with Cleveland.


  4. So of course I shell out the 99 clams to buy Cleveland as I’m about to be deployed for a year and won’t have internet. However, they have now changed part seven where you do NOT need Cleveland anymore. 😐 I want my clams back.

    Oh well, now I’m one character closer to filling a floor in the hotel.


  5. Typical. I’m not happy with tinyco at all. Been playing this and Futurama since the beginning. Spent over $100 on Futurama and they decide to not update the game. Such a waste of money on my part. So I have a hard time spending money on the game. If I did the next month they would give up on updates. I understand they need to make money but damn it sucks to spend and then blam nothing new for you. How long until family guy is put in coast. Frustrated.


  6. It’s changed now. The task requiring Cleveland is gone.


  7. They just removed the Cleveland task from Part 7. Glad to see them do this!


  8. Looks like Tiny Co removed the task for Statue of Liberty Cleveland in Part 7 of this week’s Questline.

    So you just need to place Mount Rushmore. This may be for the better as it appears to be more difficult to get the costume for Cleveland.


  9. Hey, in my game, part 7 of the main quest has been updated. The task which required Cleveland has been removed.


  10. Just logged in to the game and it appears that TC have seen sense, as the task requiring Cleveland in Part 7 of the quest line has now been completely removed.


  11. In my game, the liberty cleveland task is gone from part 7 of the questljne.


  12. Echoing sentiments of others but having a premium character’s skin required to complete a quest task is a joke.

    I already have Cleveland, I actually got him during the Apocalypse/Nuclear Wasteland event a few yrs back as Clevemire (the Cleveland Quagmire mutant hybrid) and somehow since then unlocked his standard skin along the way – I don’t recall paying for him so it’s possible i obtained the standard Cleveland skin through another event.
    They could have done that this time.


  13. Tiny Co or whatever their name is (Jam something that tracks our internet activities to deliver unwanted ads) should seriously consider the Clash of Clans model. Lots of challenges, lots of low priced perks, lots of game evolution which prevents the staleness that FG has slumped into with same old mechanics with different characters.

    There are so many characters and possibilities for concurrent events intertwined or completely offset and random.

    Look at the Clash gem purchase options. FG has no emphasis on in game currency beyond buying worthless buildings after you clear all of the land. The game is screaming for upgrades beyond characters.

    Sticking it to fans/players unless they spend actual money is like trying to attract flies with vinegar. Not a good idea.


    • RussianTigger

      I don’t think after 5 years they will spend money on new game ideas to be honest, this is a game in its twilight time. Jam City bought TinyCo couple years ago.


  14. I already have Cleveland, but I don’t agree with this. No need to require a purchase to advance the quest. Just give him away when his costume is unlocked.


  15. Cherry Bakewell

    Cleveland is a major character in the show, they should just make him free if anyone still hasn’t purchased him, then use him a lot more in the game.


  16. Hmmm…this particular situation doesn’t affect me as I already have Cleveland but I don’t like the idea and hope it’s not a trend. The beauty of the game is that one could always progress albeit slower without spending clams. They should change part 7 to unlocking the costume without having him perform a task. The third phase would likely be more difficult without Cleveland but we had the same issue when they had timed characters. Hopefully they will see the light but probably not before hundreds of desperate players shell out 99 clams. They do have to make money 😂. Cleveland is a steal at 99 clams. Great offer on its own but kinda like blackmail under these circumstances.


  17. Wow, they should have changed the task in part 7 of the questline which requires the Cleveland costume. This violates the principle that one never NEEDS to spend clams to progress. On the other hand, 90 clams is not much if one is getting 5 free a day from watching videos.


  18. Tamyres correa

    Oh thats nice…so you have to buy to be in the event…

    I’m sooo mad about it! This is stupid and not fair.

    I imagine they are going to do this in the next events… if so, I’m out. I bet me and a lot of people.


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