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Pilot Season – Just For Fun!!!

It’s time to let your inner TV addict loose as we discuss just who the Pilot Season characters and costumes were based on.

Yup it’s time for our reader to have a little fun and guess the current or past TV shows that the following  characters or costumes were parodied from.

Pusher Peter
Evening Prince
Jailhouse Lois
Steel Throne Dragon
Gay Couple Brian
Gay Couple Stewie
Stick Up Cleveland 
Nerd Chris

Looking forward to your answers in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


Full Character And Costume Lists Updated

Just a heads up that I’ve updated the full list of characters and costumes released in the game to include those from the Pilot Season event. So if you want to check what you’ve got or not got, just click on the links below.

Characters released to date (4th August 2019) – Click for full list

Costumes released to date (4 August 2019) – Click for full list

~ Russian Tigger