Daily Archives: August 18, 2019

Family Guy: The Constant Quest For New Stuff!!!

Hey Addicts, I’m seeing a lot of you are starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms due to the recent delays in new events starting. I’m even seeing comments asking is this Futurama: Wolds Of Tomorrow all over again, and it made me think just how quickly everything changed, or to be precise didn’t change, in New New York, as the game literally came to a shuttering halt. At the time I sent this little message to TinyCo to try lift the radio silence that  had fallen over the game for players.

It was an extremely frustrating time for players but the reason I’m writing this It to tell you to stop worrying, the fate that befell FWOT is not about to hit FGQFS, the sky is not falling on our beloved Quahog’s just yet. Continue reading