It’s Time We Had A Talk. Tick – Tock, Tick – Tock!!!

At the blog time of publishing this post, it’s Sunday, 1st September @ 10am EDT. Why that time? Well that’s because this blog’s publishing time is set to US Eastern time.  However for TinyCo it will be Sunday, 1st September @ 7am PDT as their game development team run on US Pacific time. For me, who’s in the UK, it will be Sunday, 1st September @ 3pm BST. And for you reading this, well I’ve no idea what day or time it is as according to the site stats there are readers in over 60 countries.

Why am I telling you all this, or more so why am I being so specific? Well it’s because the recent spat of delays in events have got players all wound up about the timing of things.

As there’s no guarantee these delays in the game won’t continue for a bit, making everyone a bit more obsessive about what time things are going to happen, I thought I’d explain the above to clear up why the time a post or comment is published, or the information I put in a post or comment might not be the same as the day or time in your location. As I explained above, it’s because the game is in one US time zone, the blog is set to another US time zone and then I’m in the UK, on another time zone.

The reason the blog publishing times are in US Eastern time is that’s the time zone that Alissa who set the blog up is on. Believe me it’s not because I live in the US and lazily publish in my home time zone, things would be a lot simpler if the blog was set to my home British time zone.

Because it isn’t when blogging I often need to put myself into 2 other time zones, for certain posts such as the end of event polls I have to take TinyCo time, and convert that into the blog time, so the post goes up when the event finishes. An event ending at 3pm PDT, needs a blog post set for 6pm EDT, when is actually 11pm BST where I am.

But with other posts especially those regarding delays I go by TinyCo time, this means when I post that TinyCo say the delayed event will drop on Thursday, 29th August, then I’m referring to TinyCo’s Pacific timezone, not your home time zone, or my home time zone. To see when that is where you are you need to use the calendar/world clock, just as I have to. I tend to use San Francisco as my PDT area of choice.

When I reply in a comment, the time of my reply will show as posted at Eastern time, as I explained before that’s where the blog’s time location is set. So bare that in mind if you’re looking at when I reply to queries.

I know when typed up like this it all sounds very confusing, but really it’s not, or maybe I’ve just got used to my head being in 3 zones, and no one of them isn’t up my own ****. But all silliness aside I honestly can’t list the day/time an event will drop or end in 60 odd countries in my posts or comments, I will say it in TinyCo time, and from there my friends you’ll need convert to your own time.

But also remember just because I’m told that’s when something will happen by TinyCo, it doesn’t mean it will, as sometimes I think TinyCo work in another time zone, one all of their own that’s a bit like the twilight zone.

Basically what I’m saying in a rather time consuming way is that the delays are frustrating for everyone, but let’s still try to play nice.

Anywat I’m off now as I think it’s time for lunch, or supper or maybe just time for a lie down. I don’t know as I’ve lost track of the time writing this.

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “It’s Time We Had A Talk. Tick – Tock, Tick – Tock!!!

  1. I’ve always been a fan of listing times in UTC. I’ve always known that I’m in a UTC+8 timezone, so conversion is easy. But whenever something is listed in PDT/EDT/whatever then I have to google it. I know EDT is usually 12 hours behind me, but there’s also the EDT/EST switcheroo at odd times of the year – odd as we have opposite seasons in Oz, and our seasons start on the 1st of a respective month instead of the bizarre shifting 18th-22nd day of the month i.e. it’s not intuitive to me when I should convert from a timezone with daylight saving. For anyone interested our seasons dates are always as follows: Autumn: 01/03 – 31/05, Winter: 01/06 – 31/08, Spring: 01/09 – 30/11, Summer 01/12 – 29/02 (2020).


    • I think that’s like our GMT. Yeah daylight saving changes here in the U.K. before it does in the US, so I need be mindful of that. Gives you a headache if you think about it too much. I think only time most think really think about all the different time zones is when we celebrate New Year and TV shows each country celebrating at all the different times.


  2. shame you had to make a post like this. people really jus need to chill out like you said that’s it lol


  3. Geez, you mean the internet is global and not just American now?


  4. Bless you for even sticking to this. I have applied for your sainthood status with the non-denominational Order of the Agnostic Druids (they worship trees, but don’t really believe in them), but as they work in ways unknown to modern man, or woman, or most of the time even unto themselves, it could take a while. In TinyCo terms, I’d put the drop rate on your Sainthood as “rare” and let you guess from there.
    As time is merely a construct of the human mind, we should all just “take the time” to consider how painfully horrible our attempts to play this game without your continued leadership and camaraderie would be.
    Or, more likely, how long ago we would have become fed up and deleted this app… 🙂
    Thanks, RT, for everything you do, whenever you do it.


  5. OMG RT!! My head hurts now. Bless you for taking the time ( whenever that may be) to keep our stumbling herd of addicted lost souls headed in the right direction!! 🤪🤪🤣🤣


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