Social Media Week 3

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Unhealthy Social Life
Side Questline – Bee Quagmire
Side Questline – Makeup Artist Chris
FaceSpace Sets – None
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

23 responses to “Social Media Week 3

  1. Also, 2 buildings that drop sugar bowls and 2 characters that do also? But one building that drops energy drinks once every 24 hours? No way I can fight 2 more bears and the chick to get the oil bottle within the next 18 hours. Of course, we won’t know if it will actually end tomorrow. They should just stop having events until things are smoothed out


  2. i don’t understand , to unlock Quagmire we have to fight the Bears and the Digital Marketer using only one character (Peter) who has only 4 Hit Points so he dies from one hit .. which means one fight each 6 hours .. (that’s a lot of healing time as well) .. then the Digital girl can be fought by Bee Quagmire, but why ? if she is needed to unlock him and there is no Phase 4 , why would he want to fight her ? because for sure when are in task 6 , Peter is the one who has to defeat her .. Quagmire is of no use fighting … because I doubt anyone unlocked Bee Quagmire before task 6 …

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    • Yes, this has been the case previously, I’d hoped we’d see it changed this event


      • i still need 2 bears and 2 Digital Marketers . 2 bears = 12 hours . 2 Marketers = 36 hours because each one needs 3 hits to kill (6×3=18) .. so i won’t unlock Quagmire unless I paid Clams … I’ll try to kill the 2 bears and see where it goes from there .. i might spend some clams on him ..


  3. So here I am. It’s Sunday afternoon (8th September) and I’m still nowhere near getting Bee Quagmire! I’m on PT 6 which is darn near impossible. I still need 6 honey, 8 energy drinks, 5 bee nets and 3 maintenance oil. The drop rates for this final week are horrible but it’s not all doom and gloom because all the stuff we needed for week 2 are still dropping 😂. Are they extending the event (seeing as week 2 started nearly 3 days late)?

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    • I’ve had no word of an extension, if I do hear of one I’ll post about it on here. Week 3 is very tough, I’ll be asking for sone feedback on a post in the coming days.


  4. My game says the event ends in 9hr 59min. Does it really end tonight? 09/07/19?


  5. Looks like TC/JC gave out gifts for these delays. I got 25 Clams, 100 XP, and 10 Video Editors. This should help some players.


  6. Done with the event and likely the game. Finally defeated meme girl to get past week 2, and it locked up on the results screen AGAIN! Had to restart, on the defeat didn’t register (AGAIN) for completing the quest line, so still on part 2. Not going to spend another day fighting meme girl again. Sent a message to Tinyco, but given that they have never fixed this problem in the two weeks of the event, I don’t expect it will do any good.


  7. I have all the items for Peter from week 2 and still wants me to pay 112 clams? Anyone else having this issue???


  8. Week 3? HA. I check my phone every few hours for this game and not even remotely close to unlocking the week 2 character or finishing the quest line. Beyond terrible drops and super frustrating. Was actually hoping for another delay to have a shot of staying on track. Ugh


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