More Characters Dropping Video Editors!!!

The biggest event related complaint over the first 2 weeks of the event has been regarding the poor drop of Video Editors, thankfully TinyCo have listened and added more characters that drop them. You’ll find thefull list below. However I’m not sure if this change is a bit late for some of you to catch up or if you’ll even  see these new characters drops if you’re still in Week 2. Let us know in the comments.

 Video Editor (Uncommon) –  Get from Get from Joe Brose a Reddit, Quagmire Send A Scandalous Pic, Social Media Lois Post An Inspirational Quote, Bonnie Cook For The Camera, Bruce Record His Day, Jerome Mix A Drink, Makeup Artist Chris Write A Blog, Buy From Store

~ Russian Tigger


14 responses to “More Characters Dropping Video Editors!!!

  1. Interesting development just now. I got a pop up in-game, saying something like “Sorry for the delays! Here’s a gift!” And there’s a little mini quest that looks like the next time a video editor drops, I’ll get ten more free, plus 25 clams. Pretty cool I think and those editors will go a good ways toward progress. Suddenly, what looked a potentially challenging week looks very doable.


  2. Patricia Lenhart

    Too little, too late. This has been horrible. I’m generally okay with the glitches. I worked in IT long enough to know they happen. But having a vital drop on a 8 hour task, with low drop rates is just insane. I will usually pay some clams to get a character (just to speed things up) but I won’t if it’s because the programmers deliberately set the game to require clams. I don’t reward that type of dis-ingenuousness.


  3. Even with the amount of characters now, I’m still getting one or two if I’m lucky, there is no way I’ll make it beyond the second week. I think I’m just going to quit. I just want to play to have fun, and it’s just not like that anymore.


    • Sorry hear that Leela, I know this has been a really frustrating event, what with glitches galore and the dreadful drops in Video Editors. Hopefully next event and the upcoming new features will be better.


  4. Good news: Yes, more characters to get the most needed/poorest drop item.
    Bad news: Even with the increased characters, I still came away with one video editor this morning (which, admittedly, is below what I would normally expect given their previous drop rate).
    Good news: My week two should complete in another hour or so.
    Bad news: I’ll pick one of your “why I stopped playing the event” end-of-the-event answers from your end-of-event poll.

    Meanwhile, absolutely thanks for the info.


  5. Doesn’t help. I’ve had 6 characters doing nothing but trying to get video editors, and they RARELY drop. It’s maddening. This will be my last event. I’m done with this frustrating game.


  6. The additional characters dropping video editors do appear while still in week two. I’m stuck at Part 6 of week 2 only because of the dismal drop rate. Even with the added characters, you’re lucky to get three editors out of six characters trying, enough for only one fight every 8 hours.


  7. That’s a nice touch but why do they turn around and make a requirement for Lois to do another task for sugar. 21 are needed and I think it’s a 6 hour chore.


  8. The extra characters showed up for me last night and enabled me to get enough video editors to pass part 6 and get the Peter costume by this morning. Otherwise I was often getting either one or no video editors from each round of characters tasks. Thanks RT for conveying our frustration to TC about this and all your work keeping our community together!


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