Sorry For The Delay Quest – Get 10 Video Editors & 25 Clams Free!!!

I know I keep telling you guys that TinyCo and support especially are listening to your concerns about the delays, glitches  and drops, but sometimes actions speak louder than words, and TinyCo have given us an apology that cones with 10 free Video Editors & 25 free Clams. Just complete the 1 task Questline and it’s all yours.

Basically as soon as you complete any character task that drops a Video Editor you’ll get the following rewards.

~ Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Sorry For The Delay Quest – Get 10 Video Editors & 25 Clams Free!!!

  1. Whaaat I actually won a jackpot today, first time since FG’s launch,
    Jackpot was James William Bottomtooth III which ended up completing a character set so I also won 75 clams lol.


  2. My mistake. There is plenty of time. The event timer told me there were only 9 hours and 59 minutes left in the event. It still does. The game actually has 4 days left. I’m almost done with Part 7. But Peter’s healing time is preventing me from getting all the Bears knocked off. I’ve got everything else all set for Quagmire today, but I still need to grind out a lot of Bears. I could be done with the event tomorrow. But today was going to be a real challenged. The game timer is yet another thing broken in this event. Plus the FAQ and the Shop button are reversed. They are opposites — at least in my game.


  3. Too little, too late.


  4. Now if they could speed up the healing on the 2 characters I can use to finish the Peter skin.


  5. Yes. Awesome. But I still think they need to extend the event a day or two to get the Quagmire bee skin.


  6. That was a nice gesture!


  7. Really cool of them and it looks like a challenging week just got a lot easier.

    Funny that the moment I posted my comment in the other video editor thread, you posted this up.


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