Social Media is still going…

…despite the end time passing, so looks like we have another extension, but no word as yet of how long. I’ll share any information I get when I can. Until then use this extra time to try finish up ASAP.

11 responses to “Social Media is still going…

  1. They should have had items for sale for Polaroids or something, they’ve done that on other events, but they didn’t this time. When you finish the main quest chain and get all other characters, all you can do is either collect items or level chars up or put them in Tan lines. Over 1000 some polaroids to do nothing with. =\


  2. GOSH DARN IT!!! I’m sorry for my filthy mouth but I clammed out Bee Crotch Quagmire because I wasn’t going to get the two last things from the bear I needed cuz it takes Peters recovery time and the hopes and prayers of a nation to get the video editors (six characters on 8 hr tasks yield 2 and at best 3, grrrr). And now this.

    I’m sorry for jumping the queue, RT, but WHAT THE EVER-LOVIN, MOTHER-******’ DEUCE, JamCity/TinyCo?!?!?!?!


  3. I’m done but have lots of in game currency. Too bad there’s nothing to spend it on




  5. After skipping most of the last event, I was hoping to play the next event and once again am checking in for nothing. Been a long time since an event ended or started on time. Nice work jam city, I may be done. Did not play for almost 2 weeks and did not miss the game


  6. Well I guess I wasted 16 clams buying the last item, as I needed one more attack on the bear. But due to the 6 hour cooldown that would mean I’d have to stay up until 2am with 3 hours to spare until the event ended at 5am. I opted to buy out the costume, but it looks like I could’ve gotten a last attack in upon waking. It doesn’t matter though, as I have a stockpile of clams and nothing to spend them on.


    • Sorry, but message them that you spent Clams. I am asking for better warning of extensions but yesterday was told it would be a 3pm finish, until,3pm and then… well you know.


  7. Tentatively ends on Thursday, 9/12 @ 3:00 PDT. ^_^;;


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