Social Media Extended One Day – Now ending 12th September @ 3pm PDT

Hi fellow addicts, as you know they have extended the end date for the event.  However from what I’ve been told it’s just for 24 hours, so you’ve only a bit more time to collect those final things before the event now ends on 12th September @ 3pm PDT.

***Im aware it ended earlier than expected, I’ve brought this to TinyCo attention, hopefully we get back to set times with the new event***

~ Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Social Media Extended One Day – Now ending 12th September @ 3pm PDT

  1. When are we getting the historical society


  2. It’s 3:19 central…the event is over…


  3. the event has ended early, for me, and I am already into a new theme The Morning After


  4. My game ended early
    And started “late to the party pt4” (new event) that ends in 6 days

    Showgirl Tricia (prompted)
    Mickey McFinnigan (unable to place)


    • Yeah ended early. If you’ve already got Mickey you won’t be able place him, I’m seeing the same. If you’ve not got him and can’t place message TinyCo


  5. I just logged on and was told the event is over. I was counting on the 3pm finish to get closer to Bee Quagmire so it would take few clams to get him.


  6. well it is over early, as of 12:45 PDT


  7. Spent clams getting Bee Quagmire so I could complete the event, that was a waste. I will spend my remaining clams on the next event and say goodbye. I wish I could give someone my 2,500 green, 1,300 blue and 50 red Stewie bucks so they wouldn’t go to waste


  8. I’m having deja vu!


  9. LAME. This game is over 5 years old, and suddenly every event start & stop is delayed by at least a day. What is going on with them lately?


  10. My Tan Lines is full 365 / 365. Will any more floors be added?


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