Multiverse Week 3 Main Questline: Multiverse Madness

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through week 3 of the latest event Multiverse.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline, Multiverse Madness. 

Looks like there’s a Clam reward for completing this week’s Questline, if it follows recent events it will probably be 5  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 1

Run! The Buff Boxert Is Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Place Slippery Willie’s Body Lubery: Costs 500 Vials of Plasma & 1 Old Bone
Find 1 Flour: Get from Quagmire Live Dangerously, Bruce Pick Up a Prescription, Jerome Serve Unsavory Characters, One Pump Iron Gym

Completed Task 5  100  

***Triggers An Action Star Is Born – Unlock Action Star Peter Side Questline***

Multiverse Madness Pt. 2

Trade Flour For A Cake: Requires 1 Flour and 2hrs to craft
Place At Your Own Risk Pyrotechnics Lab: Costs 750 Vials of Plasma & 20 Old Bones
Have Cavewiman Meg Browse The Ancient Passageway: Requires 4 Firm Bats

Completed Task 5  100  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 3

Have Cavewoman Meg Enter The Warm Tub Multiverse Machine: Requires 4 Firm Bats
Clear 1 Buff Gerbil: Complete investigations to release Buff Gerbil and clear 1 of them. Requires 1 Cake
Get 3 Firm Bats: Get from Mort Stook Supplements, Meg Wake Early, Chris Help Around The House, Bonnie Greet Guests, Stiff Wood Store

Completed Task 5  100  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 4

Catch The Buff Boxer Once: Attack him once
Place Big Billie’s Gun Range: Costs 750 Vials of Plasma, 12 Hamster Wheels & 10 Old Bones
Have Lois Watch An Action Flick: 3hrs 

Completed Task 5  100  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 5

Have Bonnie Bake Some Cookies: 8hrs
Place 1 Pump Iron Gym: Costs 750 Vials of Plasma, 8 Hamster Wheels & 10 Old Bones

Completed Task 5  100  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 6

Clear 2 Wild Dinosaurs: Complete investigations to release 4,Wild Dinosaurs and clear them. Requires 4 Cooked Meat
Clear 4 Buff Gerbils: Complete investigations to release 4 Buff Gerbils and clear them. Requires 4 Cake
Catch The Buff Boxer Once: Attack him once

Completed Task 5  100  

Multiverse Madness Pt. 7

Have Action Star Peter Fire At Will: 1hr

Completed Task: Completed Task 5  100  

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along the final week of the Multiverse.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


15 responses to “Multiverse Week 3 Main Questline: Multiverse Madness

  1. How is everyone getting vials of plasma?
    I’m still 200 short from the part 2 item.
    Everyone is doing tasks but some have a blank spot where the vials should be so do they not drop vials?


    • The best source is the Nuns, but they aren’t dropping from investigations much. I think something went wrong with the drops this week.


  2. How do we collect hair gel when it requires action movie Peter or Quagmire in the portal?


  3. I’ve reached the point where I’m too far behind now to finish the event out. But I’ve got some extra characters for Tanned Lines so that’s okay I guess.


  4. Finished the entire event, including all the side questlines, Freemium. Didn’t spend a penny. Part 7 only required a single 1-hour event for the Peter skin — but it required Level 2 — which required an 8-hour task. But that was the only task. Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy now. I’m working on 60 Gold Stewie Bucks and 170 Coins now. I got the 35 clam bonus for collecting all the freemium characters in this event, which is nice. So I’ve got that going for me. LOL


    • Enjoy your downtime….


    • Sit back and enjoy what?


    • I’m a Freemium player, playing entirely Freemium, and I’d just like to boast about all my Freemium playing while conveniently ignoring the amount of Freemium clams I spent and the huge amount of Freemium time I spent watching tonnes of Freemium ads to speed up my Freemium tasks on this Freemium game. Play the game how it was meant to be played and then you can boast about your “Freemium” early finishes. Or stop using the word Freemium in every comment, because it annoys me 🙂


      • I do try to remind Tristan that some players have no access to clam tv or fast forward, and remind him that the game is tough without these. I suggest to anyone rushing through and thinking this is so easy to play an event without using either of these functions, especially the fast forward, to remind themselves how tough the game can be at times. But I don’t think he means any harm, he just sets himself targets to hit. But I agree when you’re struggling it can be deflating reading someone is finished in a couple of days.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m almost done with Part 7 (Freemium) — on Saturday in Florida. The only requirement = “Have Action Star Peter Fire at Will.” I almost have him. Just need a couple more gerbils. I didn’t spend a penny, but I did use my free clams and the FF. My goal was to finish the event by Sunday. Definitely going to hit that target with time left over. Now I can sit back and chill. I love the FF feature.


  6. Almost on Part 7 now (Freemium). Anyone there yet? What do I need to stockpile now?


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