Multiverse – Action Star Peter

There continues to be some confusion in the comments about Action Star Peter’s Hair Gel drops, some of you still think there’s no way to get them from the portal as you don’t have Action Movie Quagmire or Action Star Peter.

You don’t need either you get Hair Gel from clearing Buff Gerbils which are a chance find in all the portals, and you can use characters unlocked in previous weeks to investigate 2 of these, the Ancient Passageway and the Warm Tub Multiverse Machine. The only other way to get them is the premium Gel Shrine. But as I say clearing Buff Gerbils is the freemium path, and as a bonus they also drop the Wheels you need to purchase buildings.

~ Russian Tigger

5 responses to “Multiverse – Action Star Peter

  1. I’ve been trying to get them since week 3 started. It’s impossible. I think I may have gotten them two times. It doesn’t help that some of the character actions doesn’t drop vials. The flour task and the bone task. What are those bones used for anyway? They don’t count toward the “needed” buildings.
    I totally agree BigDaddy. By the time you get the buildings the items are no longer needed.
    On a side note…why do the buildings from the previous weeks drop useless items and not the vials. Is it me or did the building in the previous events drop event currency once the item request was complete.


    • Ignore the big bone tasks as they were for unlocking Cavewoman Meg in Week 2, they don’t help, the bones to unlock buildings are the old bones from the Wild Dinosaurs.

      Currency drops change from event to event, but I agree the last week’s drops have been bizarre. Something went very wrong.


  2. You gotta tap on everything, check everything out and check the support FAQ. If you get some gerbils and click on one, you can see they drop wheels and hair gels


  3. Purchase buildings… THAT may be the funniest thing you’ve written in a while RT!!! As if we could ever accumulate enough vials to get these now essentially worthless buildings.

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