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Multiverse – Vials of Plasma

There’s been a lot of complaints in the comments about the lack of ways to get Vials of Plasma this week, and I’ve passed those concerns on to TinyCo.

TinyCo have confirmed that characters should have dropped them this week and obviously are sorry for the impact of this glitch.  They will look into what’s caused this to ensure it doesn’t follow us into future events. In the meantime if the lack of Vials of Plasma is massively impacting your progress drop them a message through game support in order they can try to help you.

~ Russian Tigger

Multiverse – Action Star Peter

There continues to be some confusion in the comments about Action Star Peter’s Hair Gel drops, some of you still think there’s no way to get them from the portal as you don’t have Action Movie Quagmire or Action Star Peter.

You don’t need either you get Hair Gel from clearing Buff Gerbils which are a chance find in all the portals, and you can use characters unlocked in previous weeks to investigate 2 of these, the Ancient Passageway and the Warm Tub Multiverse Machine. The only other way to get them is the premium Gel Shrine. But as I say clearing Buff Gerbils is the freemium path, and as a bonus they also drop the Wheels you need to purchase buildings.

~ Russian Tigger