Multiverse – Vials of Plasma

There’s been a lot of complaints in the comments about the lack of ways to get Vials of Plasma this week, and I’ve passed those concerns on to TinyCo.

TinyCo have confirmed that characters should have dropped them this week and obviously are sorry for the impact of this glitch.  They will look into what’s caused this to ensure it doesn’t follow us into future events. In the meantime if the lack of Vials of Plasma is massively impacting your progress drop them a message through game support in order they can try to help you.

~ Russian Tigger

13 responses to “Multiverse – Vials of Plasma

  1. Ended up spending a small number of clams unlocking Action Star Peter in the end without coming close to accumulating the 750 vials for the second building.


  2. It’s really quite obvious they’ve got their amateur team working on this now – or possibly just one person with not enough time for proper testing. The amount of glitches and issues has skyrocketed in the past few events


    • I think like Tapped Out it’s a game in it’s twilight years, they have teams to keep them going with event content but unfortunately as the games age more glitches are appearing due to trying keep it working on so many platforms and devices and fixing some of these would probably cost more in time and money than either game is making. I’m amazed either game, especially QFS is still going.


  3. I unlocked Action Star Peter a few days ago so I’m just trying to complete the event with the buildings. The vial drop is horrible along with trying to get the Nuns from the Investigation room. Other than that I can conclude this event done.


  4. Any plans to extend the deadline past today?


  5. All of sudden my game crashes a few seconds after it starts. I wonder if I have too many gerbils/dinosaurs walking around – I have a lot!! Seems weird that it has suddenly become so unstable today.


  6. Sadly it is not just a lack of vials, but in my game the nuns have disappeared and taken with them the hamsters and boxers! All I do have, in great numbers, are bloody useless dinosaurs ! Oh well…only 3 hrs to go…


  7. Yes, that has severely limited my advancement in this event.


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