Readers Request – Spin N Win Jackpot Winners Poll

Hey there Risk Takers!

Whilst we’re all working through the end of Multiverse event, I thought I’d throw up a follow up poll as requested by a couple of readers, namely Mackenzie Finley & Rend84. Basically they want to know if you’ve won the jackpot,  how did you do it and what did you win.

I’ll leave poll open for a week then report back on the results.

Remember only jackpot winners should answer these poles please.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~Russian Tigger


19 responses to “Readers Request – Spin N Win Jackpot Winners Poll

  1. Never won a jackpot albeit not for a lack of trying – I do spin it just about every day, but refuse to spend clams on additional spins. Besides the 100 Clam prize, the only other prize that I would want would be the Black Knight as he’s a full character. That’s the only character I’ve seen as a prize in my game – I have Human Rupert who is the other one mentioned.


  2. How do you obtain this? I’ve seen some people post about it before.


    • It was placed in some games as beta testing, in others as a one Part task, in others they just found it in their inventory. And some others never got it. It’s never been used to its full potential.


  3. Won jackpot once

    Decoration. – petercopter


  4. Wooooo .. a poll created in my (shared) honour 🙂

    I’ve never seen a character appear as a jackpot prize in my game (only decos and clams) so my theory is/was that people who won were more likely to win characters or buildings that long time players already have.


  5. I was not one of the beta testers. After the beta and multiple people had it I sent tinyco a message about a different issue and at the end asked them about it
    Never got a response but a few days later it showed up in my game. I did win the jackpot once and it was human Rupert. Just a handful of prizes I wanted. Always hated seeing deco and buildings as the jackpot so there were plenty of times I was hoping I didn’t win it.


  6. Maybe I missed it but how about a question about having ever won the jackpot prize or not. I have had the thing in my game from the first day and have never won the jackpot. Not once. I win three clams a lot and 10 clams maybe every six months. But I spin the thing every 18 hours just hoping it will reward me one day.


  7. its never worked right since they put it in the game should take it out


  8. Weird perfect timing. I just one the jackpot for my first time ever. I’ve spun that thing everyday for years.


  9. I know this is for those who have won. My question is. How do you get this? I’ve never seen this in my game. I saw recently a post about it and that it could be in storage. It’s not there and no where in my game. Is it region locked or something?

    Thanks for your help.


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