Multiverse Week 3 – Where Are You Now Poll

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the final week halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now Poll.

So  you best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Multiverse Week 3 – Where Are You Now Poll

  1. unlocked Action star peter and just need the last building (1 Pump iron gym) but doubt I’ll unlock it in time, the 750 vial requirement is a bit much especially with the nuns rarely spawning. Not a huge deal tho.


  2. The building plasma cost is so high because they want us to buy the golden plasma vial item.


    • To be fair I doubt they expect many to buy it in Week 3, currency dropping premium buildings tend to be purchased in Week 1. I think they should have had characters dropping and the Buff Gerbils. But to be fair I unlocked the character without needing the buildings, so unless you want complete the Questline for 5 Clams I wouldn’t fuss over getting them


      • I wasn’t paying attention when I wrote my post that this was the end of the event. They usually make things tougher on the last week.


  3. I’ve just managed to get buff Peter by paying 5 clams for the last bullet! Felt like it was taking an age! Also still got two buildings to go need just over 200 vials to get second to last building feel as though drops have become awful getting all kinds of drops for things that I no longer need and are now useless and struggling to get nuns which would probably help more with the vial drop. Feel like things like cake and steak are in to much in abundance and things like vials not enough. Enjoyed first couple weeks/phases of this event but this last week/phase is not good and a bit disjointed (I think that’s the word I mean 🤔) kinda feels like this is the case for all events now. Would like to add though thank you for info and updates on here!


  4. The plasma vial requirements for the buildings are just way too high. I’m a few hours away from defeating the boxer for the last set of bullets needed to get action star Peter, but still stuck on Part 5 since I have less than half the number of vials needed for the last building. Except for the first building, the remaining three were useless for me as I already had all of the drops they gave from other sources.


    • I would forget about the quest at this point. I already have. After I unlocked Peter, I got a 35 clam bonus for the character set!

      So many useless buildings this week though… I unlocked Peter and I still haven’t gotten the last 3 buildings.


  5. This week it not the best. Trying to get the guy to generate for the bullets and the Buff Gerbils for the hair gel. Then there’s the vials…impossible. I know the Nuns drop a lot but good luck getting them.


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