Cruise Of The Damned Week 1

Click the links below to see this week’s event posts.

***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Life After Death
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – Chad
Side Questline – Thomas Edison
Side Questline – Super Death
FaceSpace Sets – None as yet
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll
Tips For Week 2

11 responses to “Cruise Of The Damned Week 1

  1. unlocked Edison this morning , working on Chad (15 apples to unlock him)


  2. Hi there, I’m getting an error message on my android that says “couldn’t connect to server.” Is anyone else getting it too..? It sux cause I’m missing the halloween event. Boo.


  3. Well, I am done. Getting a Connect Error on my work android and tired of waiting for ghosts to line up on my iPad at home. Thanks for everything RT, it would have been like playing in the dark without you. Great job and you are a terrific human being. Wish I had your wisdom and patience.


    • I thought you’d already given up as no comments of late. I think you were teatering on the edge of giving up lately, sounds like this just pushed you over. Hope you find a new game to enjoy.


  4. I play since the beginning. And I spent a lot of money on clams on that
    game. But now you hit me below the belt with this thing…
    That is just hurts and disappointing. And disrespectful.
    Because I could have earned the Munster family by myself, and so many more if the game wouldn’t crashed for a Year at a time.
    As a player of the game for a lot of years, now I feel disappointed.


  5. I would not be the one to notice that the game is going down( crashes at a time), and now any event is build like no one cares(Super BIG death), how big is he if he’s so small…
    But my main questions is about why I had to pay clams for the Grandpa Munster, when I could get him for free; if the game wouldn’t stop working for me for a year.
    I’m a true believer in the game since day one. But I feel very disappointed and low.


  6. Hi I finally got the clam loop repaired by Tinyco last night and when I opened the app today everything was gone. I got the original start up sequence at the beginning of the game. How do I restore my place or has the last 5 or 6 years gone down the drain?


    • Did you save your game to an account? If so you need to play through the tutorial in the new game then load your saved game in the account area of your settings.


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