Connection error!!!

Just quick post as I’m getting quite few reports of players having a connection errors. I’ve raised this with TinyCo but anyone impacted please leave more details in the comments. Tell us more about the platform, device etc your playing on. From the comments I’ve seen it seems to be impacting mostly Android players, but the more details you share with us the better. Thanks.

~ Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Connection error!!!

  1. States device not comparable its a 6s galaxy


  2. Oh states my device isn’t comparable I gave been playing or on my 6s since I got or 3~4 YEARS AGO t


    • Is it on an older Abdroid version? There’s issues with updating but you should be able play without doing the latest update.


  3. i get connection errors all the time on this game, usually over a weekend when I’ve got more free time to check in. spend a lot of time just closing/re-opening the app until I eventually give up and either check back hours later or the next day… which sometimes works but then im however long behind.
    its not my iphone or internet connection either thats causing the problems because it happens for me at home on wifi, 4G network, or when i’ve been at family or friends using their wifi.

    thankfully i seem to have missed this current batch of connection issues but for everyone who has/had it i hope it gets resolved for you soon.


    • must have jinxed myself by saying this because it got me again last night.
      opened the app around 8pm GMT and was fine, no collections ready though so left it. attempted it again at arund 10pm and was hit with connection error. got it about 5 times on both wifi and 4G before giving up.
      tried it again 30mins later on wifi and got in fine. bit of a strange one.


  4. Mine started yesterday. Everytime I try to bring up the game it gives me an error message saying “No data for tan lines_tikiBa”. I emailed game support but haven’t heard back yet.


  5. Started on the 17th. Tried to log on at around 8am GMT, Had played the first day. Tried on 2 different machines, laptop and desktop same result. Other apps work fine. Location: GB.


  6. This was my reply to another user, but I’m putting it here in case it’s helpful:

    Mine stopped working in Nox with a similar error, running Android 4. I uninstalled the app and I was no longer able to install it from the store (“device not compatible”). I switched to using Nox running Android 7 and it’s working again. I do use BlueStacks as well, mainly for TSTO, but there were no issues running FGTQFS at the time (which is why I uninstalled it, as I knew it wasn’t a server-side issue). I guess just make sure you’re running the latest version of BlueStacks ( for me) which should also be running Android 7.


  7. to be more specific: starting about 4-5 hours i’m realizing my game crashes and kicks me out every time i go to the resort to get the characters out needed for today’s daily challenge so i’m unable to do that.


  8. i just restarted the wifi signal on my phone iOS and the connection error went away. so now i can get into the game but cant complete certain things like the daily challenge and complete tasks because it keeps crashing and kicking me out the game now.


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