Home For The Holidays Mystery Box Glitch

Just wanted to drop a post about another glitch in the game regarding the Home For The Holidays Mystery Box. As I pointed out in the Week 2 announcement post that  the main prize in this box should be Turkey Meg, but for some reason she doesn’t show up as one of the actual prizes once you go into the box, so hold off trying to get her at this time. I informed support about this as soon as the event dropped so hopefully see a fix for this today.

So as I say don’t be a turkey and waste Clams on the mystery box until it’s fixed!!!

~ Russian Tigger

22 responses to “Home For The Holidays Mystery Box Glitch

  1. They still havnt fixed this and the final week is about to start tomorrow. What happens when week 3 starts? Will we ever get Turkey Meg after that?


    • Hopefully they’ll get it fixed before then, I know support are on top of this one.


    • Yeah – I’m the same. I’ve just about completed the week 2 questline and have no idea how helpful Turkey Meg would have been, so have no idea how much of a disadvantage it’s been. I’m more concerned about missing out on her for my OCD completionist needs…


      • I think she’d helped for Battles but I managed without her, she’s got no material drops. But a fix is coming so you’ll be able get her

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        • Any news at all about this fix that is supposedly coming? Halfway through the third (and final) week now, but still there’s nothing in terms of mystery box or Turkey Meg. At least not for those of us that already clicked past the mystery box disappearance before realizing something was wrong


  2. I advised support of the mass amount of clams I had spent on the Mystery Box and that it eventually disappeared without Meg being rewarded. They did get back to me and they have given me back all the clams I spent on my numerous attempts and they also gave me Turkey Meg.


  3. For some reason the game won’t let me get the pizes from the jail I have over 1500 corn turkeys or something and I can’t unlock the next prizes to get the person that in jail to unlock them i got a few tasks done and hasn’t got anything there’s a big glitch in this game


  4. Thank you for all your help! You save me continued angst on lots of stuff, no turkey Meg, no rank 2, and on and on ….. thank you 😊

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  5. I can now see Meg as a prize option in the mystery box, but after repeated clam spends I got mostly just guns to the point that there are no prizes left and the mystery box has disappeared. And now, still no Meg 😦


    • Meg showed in the box display but not under the list of prizes when clicked, I reported this immediately. Just got to wait on a fix. If you wish to complain regarding Clams spent please message support.


      • Initially she didn’t show up in the list of prizes. I thought that was the glitch, but today she did, so I thought they had fixed it. The mystery box has now completely disappeared for me after spending all my clams. I guess I’ll just keep monitoring any updates and see if it comes back…


  6. I noticed this from trying to get all the stuff, when suddenly it stopped dropping anything (and subsequently disappeared from the shop) after I’d opened it maybe three times. Probably had everything else already except for Turkey Meg and event currency prizes. Just hoping the Mystery Box will return in my shop, once they sort out the Turkey Meg issue. Would suck a little if I don’t even get the chance now to get me som Turkey…

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