Quahog Historical Society Rank Unlock & Disappearing Clams Glitch – Update

Just wanted to update you that a fix is coming for both these issues in the next couple of days, so just be patient a little longer.

Also support are looking into the fact you don’t get the buildings that originally came with sone of the characters, and that you have no  access to some buildings that were only available in past events.  They are aware this is not only impacting the ability to complete some character Questlines, but is also disappointing for players when getting characters such as Consuela. Believe me support know you want these buildings and are seeing if there’s a way to get you them.

As fixes and discussions are in the works  for the above you do not need to contact support for any of the above issues, sending in more support tickets for these is only swamping the system now and other event and game glitches reported can be missed when this happens.  

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Rank Unlock & Disappearing Clams Glitch – Update

  1. I am still not getting any clams after I get all 4 in my ranks, are other ppl getting clams?


    • Yes, are you actually tapping on the clam box at the end of the rank boxes? Some didn’t realise you’re not automatically awarded them.


  2. Is there a list that might have what characters have houses or buildings attached to them? I was able to get the opener stage for 10 clams. The 2 that I’m aware of that come with a building or house are Gillian and Death’s Mom. Thanks!


    • I’m not sure there’s a full list as some these were released before I was on here, but the profiles will tell you sometimes. I’ll try have look as Ranks open. Consuela will have a house also.


  3. ❗Just wanted to mention, there’s a new update in the Google Play Store (2.1.1) that fixes the Historical Society rank lock and clam reward 😁 as well as updates the look. The medal requirements have also changed from the 300, 300, 600, 900 in the first 4 ranks … I already had the first two characters in rank 5, but Hercules was 810 🏅 and Touchdown Jesus was 1,460 🏅

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  4. So the fix update that just came in obviously fixed the Historical Society lock glitch, and as a bonus, When I unlocked Gold Suit Peter, the building needed for his task, the stage, was available in the store for me to place.

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  5. thanks for headsup 🙂


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