Reminder – Family Guy: Quest For Stuff Support Email Address

Hi Clammers!

With a lot of glitches ongoing in our games I wanted to post a quick reminder of how players can contact TinyCo  via email if you’re locked out your game and unable to create a support ticket, or if your game crashes when you try to load the game support section to get help.

There’s still a dedicated email support for the game, and this is how you can request support and help from TinyCo. Remember to include full details of your issue and your PlayerId.

How do i contact support via email?

The email address to use is –

Where do i find my PLAYERID?

This is an easy one, you’ll find it in one of two ways.

  • Located on the bottom right of the loading screen
  • Located on the bottom right of the Account Info Menu

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Reminder – Family Guy: Quest For Stuff Support Email Address

  1. Hi I bought consula using gold I cant find her house anywhere where can I get it please


  2. Edward ruzanski

    I sent u a email I cant find it but like I said I had the same email one day I switched phones or something and couldnt log in I paid money and had so many characters for this game u said u sent clams and either a refund or the clams I paid for but u said u would send extra please look up my account I know how much stuff I had and I keep buying different phones dont know y I cant get back into my original account can u help I usually went thru Facebook but it’s like I just started and didnt recieve money back or account doesnt have clams but if I’m gonna get the charachtors that I had I think I had over 200 lmk and get back to me I’d rather a refund cause u said u couldnt do something with my account but u said well give u extra clams and either clams I paid for or a refund can someone help me out here ty


    • You need contact game support not here, we aren’t Jam City so can’t look at accounts. Have you tried playing through the game tutirual then loading your old game, make sure you’re logged into the Facebook account you saved it under on your phone.


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