Addicts Upcoming Posts Information – Please Read!!!

It’s been a long and arduous journey at times, but believe it there’s now been over 5 years of FGQFS. For me personally I’ve played from the start and been blogging on the game for 3 years now, and for the 2 years I’ve kept this site going alone with your help.

But why all this talk of times gone past, well it’s because the new feature Quahog Historical Society has brought back a ton of old characters and costumes, and a few of you have asked can I provide links to their tasks & questlines in the Rank posts. I had considered doing this, then decided against it, then reconsidered it.

Why did I decide against it, well basically because there’s gaps in the information. Before I came on board some events weren’t covered so there are no posts on these characters or costumes. So I originally thought if I can’t do links for them all, why do links for any as it’s just going confuse players. But then I changed me mind and therefore you’ll now get links, but you’ll also see some posts covering the old characters going up on the site so I can fill in the missing links.

I just didn’t want long term players thinking I’d gone mad by posting on content you got years ago, so if you see these posts, they are for players just thinking about getting these characters or costumes in Quahog Historical Society.

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Addicts Upcoming Posts Information – Please Read!!!

  1. we always thought you were mad but its a madness we support 😀


  2. Thank you for your tremendous efforts in keeping us on track and informed whether we be new players or long term. We cannot express how helpful it is.


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