Home For The Holidays – Prison Squad Tip!!!

Just a quick post to tell you, once again to be careful when attacking the Prison Squad in Week 3, as their are 2 Prison Squads roaming, they look identical but only 1 drops the stuff you need in Week 3.

Make sure you attack the Prison Squad that needs Wet Towels to attack him, andrewards Show Turkey Legs, Moustaches & Prison Weights. You’re looking for the battle screen below.  Please ignore the other Prison Squad as it’s if no use this week. I have told support about this and raised concerns over the confusion it causes.

Remember this only matters in Week 3.

(If you’re in Week 2 and having the other Prison Squad issues please contact support. Or if you’re having general issues with successful battles not completing tasks again only support can help you).

2 responses to “Home For The Holidays – Prison Squad Tip!!!

  1. Just want to keep you up to date on prison squad problems I had during week 2. Support finally contacted me today. Their help to me was to skip the stage I was on for week 3 and to give me 3 shivs. Not great, but not bad either. Make sure to contact them if this happens to you.


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