Prison Joe – Unlock Requirements

Greetings Addicts!

Just dropping by with a reminder to check the unlock requirements for Prison Joe carefully in Al Harrington’s. He is another one of the occasional costumes that has 5 different unlock requirements and some of you are still not noticing the 5th item, in this case Prison Weights, as they are off-screen. 

When you click on Al Harrington’s you’ll see Prison Joe and his  unlock requirements, but look closely and you’ll notice there’s a 5th item off the screen.

You need to scroll the unlock requirements to the left and then you’ll see the Prison Weights.

And here’s a quick note of where you’ll get them.

Prison Weights (Always): Get from defeating Strong Prison Thug

~ Russian Tigger

4 responses to “Prison Joe – Unlock Requirements

  1. So I finished the event and have thousands of extra turkey legs left over. But it looks like you can only buy decos. Do any of those building actually drop any coins or anything? They seem like they are just decorations. I bought one small building and it was a waste. It is actually more of a decorations disguised as a building.


  2. Seems like the red scarfs are going to be the bottleneck for me. Got the building a couple of days ago, but still only have 8/18 needed. The rest of the drops will be completed in a day, just need 3 more cell phones and 1 more set of weights. Fair disclosure, I’m still only on part 4 of the questline because I’m concentrating on unlocking Prison Joe, and am using Prison Quagmire to get cell phones from the strong prison thug instead of fighting the tough Prison Thug for the questline.


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