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Quahog Historical Society Characters/Costumes Requiring Buildings For Questlines

Just wanted to put up a post to remind players that I have raised the issue of players being unable to complete Questlines as they are missing the buildings required to do so. This is because Quahig Historucal Society only allows you to buy the character/costume and not any buildings they came with during their original release in the game.

Therefore players don’t have things such as Consuela’s house for her tasks or Hellmouth which is needed for Satan. All I can ask is players be patient as I’m trying to get this resolved.

But in the meantime I’d ask that you at this time to simply comment on this post telling me the Questline you’re stuck at and the building needed. I can then speak to support further.

Thanks in advance.

~ Russian Tigger

Full Character And Costume Lists Updated

Just a heads up that I’ve updated the full list of characters and costumes released in the game to include those from the Final Party event. So if you want to check what you’ve got or not got, just click on the links below.

Characters released to date (8th December 2019) – Click for full list

Costumes released to date (8th December 2019) – Click for full list

~ Russian Tigger

Main Questline: Final Party – Clam Reward

Hello Addicts!!!

For those of you that have been asking about the Clam reward for completing the main Questline, Final Part. I can confirm it’s only 5  clams. So my advise is don’t spend clams to complete it, unless you’re obsessive about Questline completions that is.

Click here for Questline

~ Russian Tigger