Quahog Christmas Crawl – Who Drops Event Currency This Week?

Here’s your quick guide to who and what drops Turkey Legs this week!!!

Gumby Peter
Clearing Snowmen
Clearing Gingerbread Robots
Swole Pole Strip Club
Mr & Mrs Mistletoes Swingers Club
Rudy’s Red Nose Speakeasy
Completing Questline Parts
Silver Snowflake Statue
Gold Snowflake Statue

5 responses to “Quahog Christmas Crawl – Who Drops Event Currency This Week?

  1. Another one of these events that by the time I earn enough for the first building I won’t need it. I almost have enough candy canes already, so the first building will be a waste of snowflakes for me.

    At least Chris is the only one with a task in the Griffin house (so far), so not terribly confusing with the QHS characters this week.


  2. Just noticed I’m getting snowflakes for Patches questline. I just unlocked him from the historical societ, so maybe a happy glitch.


  3. And yet again, the one character the game is built around has, as yet, no part in. With us unlocking Gumby Peter (huh?), it looks like plain ol Peter goes home to Go For the Gold for another month…


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