Update Alert – App Version 2.1.5 – IOS only!!!

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the App Store only, its App Version 2.1.5. Players on Android devices please don’t worry it’s coming for you soon.

So what does the update do, well it fixes some Quahog Historical Society issues.

But more importantly it will probably prepare our games for the next event which is coming next week.

~ Russian Tigger

10 responses to “Update Alert – App Version 2.1.5 – IOS only!!!

  1. Ever since the iOS update my game crashes within 10 seconds. Took me 2 hours to clear my historical society


  2. is it not working for people on android at the minute or just me?


    • It’s out for Android now, I’ve updated and game working fine. If you’re not seeing it please send your device info to game support


  3. I’m on Android and I’ve been playing version 2.1.5 for a couple of days now. Nothing has changed that I can tell. Still can’t progress with Satan, Consuela or Human Rupert as the buildings are nowhere to be found. My emails to them over the last month have gone unanswered and I’m unable to message them via the app.


    • I only got 2.1.5 early today. I think there’s an issue with getting some buildings if you’d unlocked the character in the ranks before the updates. They are awarding these, please try once more and let me know if you get a response. If not I’ll try help you more.


  4. Hey do you know where I can find conseulas house?,I looked in my inventory but it’s not there to complete the remember her abuelas task.can you please help me?



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