Wild Winter – Who Drops Event Currency This Week?

Here’s your quick guide to who and what drops Crystals this week!!!

Rambo Lois
Winter Peter
Bathroom Quagmire
Green Witch
Winter Chris
Gamer Bonnie
Steel Throne Dragon
Tom Tucker
Mayor West
Completing Questline Parts
Gold Crystal Statue
Silver Crystal Statue

14 responses to “Wild Winter – Who Drops Event Currency This Week?

  1. Woody and the Green Witch don’t appear to drop anything (or they aren’t for me at least)


  2. This event seems broken if you already have the characters. I already have Winter Chris, and possibly Winter Lois, but I can’t see anything in the game telling me who drops diamonds, which you’ll still need to progress through the event. There is no FAQ for this event that I can see, and going to where you buy buildings, the only one shown who drops diamonds is Quagmire. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t know who else drops diamonds. I’m assuming this is some glitch caused by already having this week’s unlockable characters.

    Also, I’m getting snowballs from regular Lois.


    • As far as I’ve been told there won’t be anything new in the event hence why you don’t see any drops, but if you want run through the Questline this is link to the original event, there’s couple changes to drops but it will give you most info until I pop up the changes https://familyguyaddicts.com/2020/01/16/wild-winter-week-1-overview/


      • The issue for me is that the characters still earn diamonds, even if you have no need for the actual items they drop. I’m assuming that you still need to get diamonds and the buildings to move through the questline, and if only Quagmire is shown as dropping diamonds, it’s going to be a very long event. I appreciate your listings of who drops event currency here, but I’m disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any way to access that information within the game, and that’s on the developers.


        • The info will appear in the FAQ but it does seem hours, sometimes a day, behind events at this time, I put up an updated overview post so hopefully it helps you but of course with no task links it means finding those characters in Tan Lines or wherever


  3. My green witch and woody doesnt drop anything.


  4. On my game, It’s not Rambo Lois, It’s just regular Lois! Rambo Lois doesn’t drop anything.


  5. Is it only Lois that drops snowballs?


    • Unless you buy Winter Peter that’s all until you unlock Winter Chris. Remember when using them to try hit more than 1 Fire at same time


  6. Rambo didn’t appear to drop anything. Did they mean Rambo Lois?


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