Wild Winter Week 1 Overview

We’ve had lots of Quahog winter fun in the years gone by, and now it’s time for some more as Wild Winter comes to Quahog.


5th February 2020 at 10AM PST

This is a 3 week event!!!

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Dialogue is back!!!!


Version 2.1.5


Nothing new


Some issues with info boxes, again reported.

The main menu buttons are mixed up, Shop takes you to the FAW and FAQ takes you to the shop.


Clam award loop – doesn’t effect play but please let Jam City know if is happening in your game.

Game crashing on older devices, and those with older/outdated software continues, it may be they can no longer handle the game. What I can tell you is if your device runs on 2gb of ram you may struggle with crashing, if it has less than 2gb ram it probably won’t run at all.

If you need any buildings to complete QHS characters Questlines message game support.


There’s 2 ways to do this, The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and  then tap ‘Contact Us’.

However if this isn’t possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is – support@jamcity.com


Week 1 Quick Links

characters & costumes used This week.

Here’s who you ncan use this week.

Winter Peter
Bathroom Quagmire
Green Witch
Winter Chris
Gamer Bonnie
Rambo Lois
Steel Throne Dragon
Tom Tucker
Mayor West


Mountain Man


Winter Peter (Costume): 270  Clams. Has tasks that drop following :  Snowball (4hrs), Snowflake Socks (4hrs) and Silver Cannonball (6hrs).
Winter Chris  (Costume): You’ll see him in Al Harringtons.
25 Snowflake Socks (Common): Get from Green Witch Steal Some Coats, Woody Get Close to the Fire, Winter Peter Ice Skate, Long Hike Outdoor Shop
11 Snow Shovels (Uncommon): Get from Carter Poke the Fire Place, Gamer Bonnie Fire Up the Competition, Bunny Slope
8 Chocolate Bars (Uncommon): Get from Tom Report On The Weather, Jerome Save On The Electricty Bill, Beauty Pageant Stewie Frighten EasSteel Throne Dragon Breathe Fire
18 Pink Scarves (Common): Get from clearing Snowmen 

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking him.

Winter Lois (Costume): You’ll see her in Al Harringtons.
55 Ice Cubes (Uncommon): Get from Quagmire Do Warm Up Thrusts, Jerome Serve Hit Toddies, QuagJoePeteLand Adjust The Tempersture Levels, Cool As Ice Bar, Ice Sculpture
20 Silver Cannonballs (Uncommon): Get from Winter Peter Try On Twenty Sweaters, Mayor West Deny Glbal Warming, Connie Wear UGG Boots, Perfect Snowball Shop
60 Fireball Potion (Common): Get from clearing Fire  
32 Ice Picks (Uncommon): Get from clearing Snowmen

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking her.


Gold Crystal Shrine – 499  Drops 75 Crystals  every 12hrs

Silver Crystal Shrine – 99  Drops 25 Crystals every 24hrs

Ice Sculpture – 199  Drops 2 Ice Cubes every 24hrs

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in Winter Runway you’ll find full details in that section***


The main event currency is Crystals.

 Crystals (Always): Get from Rambo Lois, Winter Peter, Bathroom Quagmire, Woody, Green Witch, Winter Chris, Gamer Bonnie, Carter, Steel Throne Dragon, Jerome, Tom Tucker, QuagJoePeteLand, Mayor West, Connie, Completing Questline Parts, Gold Crystal Statue, Silver Crystal Statue

You can see how many you have at the top of your screen in this box.


 Snowballs (Common) –  Get from Rambo Lois Stock Some Fire Power, Winter Chris Smell His Beanie, Winter Peter Lick a Flag Pol, From The Store

 Salt (Common) –  Get from clearing Fires


1 Snowball – 10 

5 Snowballs – 45 

10 Snowballs – 85 


There is just 1 items in the usual event area you need to know about to start to start and this is:

Winter Runway

Winter Runway

Here is where you will spend the Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock this week…

The Long Hike Outdoor Shop: Chance Drop of 2 Snowflake Socks every 4hrs
Cost ~ 200 Crystals

Bunny Slope: Chance Drop of 2 Snow Shovels every 6hrs
Cost ~ 300 Crystals

Perfect Snowball Shop: Chance Drop of 2 Silver Cannonballs every 4hrs
Cost ~ 250 Crystals

Cool As Ice Bar: Chance Drop of 2 Ice Cubes  every 4hrs
Cost ~ 400 Crystals


With the new event we are seeing the return of an old style mini-game.

In order to be able to participate you’ll need to collect a Snowball. Once you have an Snowball just tap on the Snowball Icon in the bottom right of your screen.

After tapping on this, the mini game will appear.

You will see on the top of the screen the Rewards you can win from clearing Fires. The amount of Snowballs you have available in the Lower Left. The PICK button in the Lower Right. (If you’ve no Snowballs it will show More) Then in the center, you will see the circle that is essentially your target that you will use to get the Fires. You can also see the target is orange, this is because it’s not on a Fire.

It will turn green once you are on this. Don’t PICK if the target isn’t green as below. You’ll just waste Snowballs.

This is really an “Aim n Shoot” kind of set up. You wait for a minute while the Fires float around, then move the circle to target them. It should turn green when a Float is properly in target. After complaints in previous events Jam City have made the Fires smaller than the target so it’s easier to get them, only downside is this will make it harder to target multiple Fires. But it is still possible, usually to get 2 or 3, so be patient and wait until you see a group of Fires overlap each other like above then target them and quickly hit PICK.

To do this put your finger on the Target in the middle of the screen and drag it around to where the group of Fires are that you want to get. Try to make sure they are almost on top of each other so you can hit more than one.  Remember you’ve a better chance of clearing more if they are really on top of one another like above. You will then be given Rewards depending on how many Fires you clear. I’ve managed to destroy 4 at once at most so far.

The rewards you get will vary on how many Fires you destroy at a time.

Per Iceerg Destroyed:
1 Fireball Potions (Chance)
1 or 2 Salt (Chance)


These are the little baddies this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events.

Before you can clear them you’ll need to get Salt.you’ll get them from: Clearing Fires

Once you have one will find them wandering  around your sidewalks, either finding them by looking or using the squatter button.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen.

Then move the Death Trap until the green target circle is on one.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 16 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing them is as follows:

Per Snowman Cleared:
1 Pink Scarf (Chance)
1 Ice Pick (Chance)

There you have the overall basics to get you started through this week of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Wild Winter Week 1 Overview

  1. I already have Winter Chris/Lois/Peter from a previous event. Is there any reason to participate then? I could use a break and some time to clear out some character questlines.


    • If you have all the Wild Winter content you can take a break, but worth checking if you got all characters/costumes during the 3 week event as if you missed any from phase 2 or 3 you’ll need complete phase 1 to see that content


  2. southbeacharchi

    So this is just an exact repeat? If we got the characters, just sit tight for 3 week?

    I REALLY needed something to occupy my time for the next week….. 🤷🏻‍♂️


    • If you have all the Wild Winter content you can take a break, but worth checking if you got all characters/costumes during the 3 week event as if you missed any from phase 2 or 3 you’ll need complete phase 1 to see that content


  3. So is this just a “retread” questline? I already have Winter Chris and Winter Lois……


  4. So if you already have all the characters is there any point to playing the quest line? Looks like I’ll just be running everyone in go for gold for the next 3 weeks.


  5. Is it just me but I haven’t received a single ice cube from Quaqmire nor a snowball from Chris


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