Wild Winter Week 2 Overview

We’ve had lots of Quahog winter fun in the years gone by, and now it’s time for some more as Wild Winter comes to Quahog.


5th February 2020 at 10AM PST

This is a 3 week event!!!

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Dialogue is back!!!!


Version 2.1.5


Nothing new


Some issues with info boxes, again reported.

The main menu buttons are mixed up, Shop takes you to the FAQ and FAQ takes you to the shop.


Clam award loop – doesn’t effect play but please let Jam City know if is happening in your game.

Game crashing on older devices, and those with older/outdated software continues, it may be they can no longer handle the game. What I can tell you is if your device runs on 2gb of ram you may struggle with crashing, if it has less than 2gb ram it probably won’t run at all.

If you need any buildings to complete QHS characters Questlines message game support.


There’s 2 ways to do this, The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and  then tap ‘Contact Us’.

However if this isn’t possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is – support@jamcity.com


Week 1 Quick Links
Week 2 Quick Links

characters & costumes used This week.

Here’s who you ncan use this week.

Winter Peter
Bathroom Quagmire
Green Witch
Winter Chris
Gamer Bonnie
Rambo Lois
Steel Throne Dragon
Tom Tucker
Mayor West
Winter Peter
Dr Hartman
Caroler Lois
Lord Doom
Christmas Tree Joe
Winter Lois
Polar Bear Cleveland
Polar Bear Brian


Trip To The Yeti


Winter Brian (Costume): Can be created in Al Harringtons for 270  Clams. Has 6hr and 10hr tasks to drop 1x Hot Chocolate .

Polar Bear Cleveland (Character): Main prize in the Mystery Box which costs 165  Clams per try. Has 8hr tasks to drop 1x Hot Chocolate.

Winter Stewie  (Costume): You’ll see him in Al Harringtons.
12 Spare Robot Parts (Always): Get from Bribing Robot Snowman, Wild Winter Mystery Box
15 Hot Chocolates (Uncommon): Get from Rambo Los Send Slme Signals, Winter Brian Imitate Snow Dogs, Polar Bear Cleveland Sweat in His Costume, Top of the Peak Cafe
25 Sugar Packs (Common): Get from Bonnie Order Mountain Climbing Gear, The Steepest Tea Shop
50 Ice Cream (Uncommon): Get from Clearing Snowman, Wild Winter Mystery Box
20 Teddy Bears (Common): Get from Dr Hartman Prescribe Pills to Himself, Meg Munch on Protein Bars, Wild Winter Mystery Box

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking him.

Wild Winter Mystery Box

Costs 165 Clams per try.

Prizes – please be aware some stuff is from previous events, you won’t see these if you’ve already got them. Materials can repeat. So here’s what you can win:

Polar Bear Cleveland
170 Clams

5 Ice Cream
2 Spare Robot Parts
3 Teddy Bears
20 Salt
Sloshy The Snowman
Fluffy Snow Globe
Snow Fort
Super Cool Quarters

Please note that character skins won from a Mystery Box may need to be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits, and characters won from a Mystery Box may be located in the “characters” tab of your inventory.

My Results: 
5 Ice Cream
170 Clams
2 Spare Robot Parts
3 Teddy Bears
Polar Bear Cleveland


Gold Crystal Shrine – 499  Drops 75 Crystals  every 12hrs

Silver Crystal Shrine – 99  Drops 25 Crystals every 24hrs

Wrench Statue – 199  Drops 1 Wrench every 24hrs

Beanie Statue – 199  Drops 2 Beanies every 12hrs

Snackable Snowman – 200 

Iceberg – 200 

Shaved Glacier Stand – 200 

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in Winter Runway you’ll find full details in that section***


The main event currency is Crystals.

 Crystals (Always): Get from Rambo Lois, Winter Peter, Bathroom Quagmire, Woody, Green Witch, Winter Chris, Gamer Bonnie, Carter, Steel Throne Dragon, Jerome, Tom Tucker, QuagJoePeteLand, Mayor West, Connie, Bonnie, Dr Hartman, Meg, Caroler Lois, Lord Doom, Christmas Tree Joe, Winter Lois, Completing Questline Parts, Gold Crystal Statue, Silver Crystal Statue, Fighting Robot Snowman, Clearing Snowmen

You can see how many you have at the top of your screen in this box.

There is also a secondary currency this week:

 Beanies (Uncommon) –  Get from The East Face, Beanie Statue


 Wrench (Always) –  Get from Winter Lois Look for Snacks, Caroler Lois Ask For Tips, Gamer Bonnie Find a Warm Blanket, Wrench Statue

 Snowballs (Common) –  Get from Rambo Lois Stock Some Fire Power, Winter Chris Smell His Beanie, Winter Peter Lick a Flag Pol, From The Store

 Salt (Common) –  Get from clearing Fires, Blizzard Park, Wild Winter Mystery Box


1 Snowball – 10 

5 Snowballs – 45 

10 Snowballs – 85 

Winter Runway

Here is where you will spend the Event Currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock this week…

The East Face: Chance Drop of 2 Beanies every 8hrs
Cost ~ 75 Crystals

Blizzard Park Park: Chance Drop of 1 Salt  every 12hrs
Cost ~ 400 Crystals & 4 Beanies

Top Of The Peak Cafe: Chance Drop of 2 Hotel Chocolate every 6hrs
Cost ~ 400 Crystals & 4 Beanies

The Steepest Tea Shop: Chance Drop of  Sugar Packet  every 4hrs
Cost ~ 500 Crystals & 4 Beanies

Robot snowman

The Robot Snowman Boss will trigger as soon as you start week 2 of the event. This is your Main Boss this week. You will “Fight” him with Wrenches to defeat him to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

But as I say first you’ll need some Wrenches, you’ll find them here:

Wrenches (Always) –  Get from Winter Lois Look for Snacks, Caroler Lois Ask For Tips, Gamer Bonnie Find a Warm Blanket, Wrench Statue

You’ll see him wandering your sidewalks with a timer above his head.

Simply tap him and you’ll see the level requirement trade and rewards. Collect the Wrenches necessary for the battle then hit, eh, “Fight“.

Here is the general breakdown of cure costs and rewards.

1X – Requires 1 Wrench
Rewards – 10 Crystals & 1 Spare Robot Part

2X – Requires 2 Wrenches
Rewards – 20 Crystals & 2 Spare Robot Parts

3X – Requires 3 Wrenches
Rewards – 30 Crystals & 4 Spare Robot Parts

4X – Requires 4 Wrenches
Rewards – 40 Crystals & 5 Spare Robot Parts

5X – Requires 5 Wrenches
Rewards – 50 Crystals

You have 24hrs to hit him to the  highest level you can before he will rest (cool down). His cool down is 2 hours.

Please note when he returns he will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake him at the level he went into cool down at.


These little baddies continue this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, it’s just more of the tap, aim and fire you dud last week.

Before you can clear them you’ll need to get Salt. You’ll get them from:

Salt (Common) Get from clearing Fires, Blizzard Park, Wild Winter Mystery Box

Once you have one will find them wandering  around your sidewalks, either finding them by looking or using the squatter button.

Simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen. Then move the Salt over one until the green target circle is on one.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 16 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing them is as follows:

Per Snowman Cleared:
1 Ice Cream (Chance)
10 Crystals (Always)


You’ll still need to play this to get Salt, so don’t forget to keep playing.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through this week of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.

~Russian Tigger

24 responses to “Wild Winter Week 2 Overview

  1. Since the update (android) my snowmen have stopped dropping crystals. Anyone else having that issue?
    Also I noticed what you said about the crashing issues on older devices, but yet my device is only just over a year old, has 3gb ram, and yet I keep getting random exits/crashes to my home screen without any warning 🤔 it is still running Android 7 though…


  2. I am ‘waiting for phase 3’ – nothing has happened for day and no task left to do.
    Anything I am missing?


  3. HELP?!? just updated to the latest ios version last night and now the game says error and crashes immediately upon loading. I’m on latest software with brand new phone. Can you report to TinyCo please!


  4. Anyone getting an “unknown character class” error since the latest update? Whenever I select OK, the game restarts loading and the error is presented to once again.

    The only way I found a temporary solution is to uninstall and reinstall the game but it gets rather cumbersome doing this every time I have to check the game to collect :S


  5. I updated the iOS version this morning. I now get Error Unknown character class and the game freezes.


  6. I updated the iOS app this morning. I now get Erro Unknown Character Class and the game freezes up.


  7. Really want to buy Polar Bear Cleveland for 270 Clams, but he isn’t in my store to buy. Is it just me?


  8. So the game just had an update (Android). It now has a new splash screen themed with the current event….haven’t seen that in quite a while.

    However, now my game won’t even load after this update. I’ve never had an issue like this before. Now I gotta notify them some other way other than through the game. 😦


  9. Anyone else having crash issues? I’m getting “error unknown character class” message then the game crashed out on my iPad


  10. I see Lord Doom is a character used to drop crystals. Is there a easy way to find Lord Doom? I’m positive I own him, but cannot find him anywhere. I looked at my character list in facespace and in my inventory with no luck. I don’t even know what he looks like! Surely there is an easier way to hunt down a character?


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