Pizza Day

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Hot Pies
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – Pepperoni Peter
Side Questline – Pizza Delivery Quagmire
Side Questline – Pizza Costume Joe
Facespace Sets
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

20 responses to “Pizza Day

  1. I’ve earned 6 olives total. At this rate, I won’t get either character.


  2. Kim Benner Frainier

    I’ve been playing this game for maybe 5 years. Dedicated play, multiple check-in daily kind of player. I work each event as much as I possibly can.

    The game has gotten better in my world because I can now fast forward tasks. I have the Historical Society to work with. I can get characters from events in the past history that I would never have gotten before the Historical Society.

    So what that the last couple events are not realistic without buying clams?

    I’ve spent several years not getting characters because I rarely buy clams. Now I get “free” characters.

    Can’t we give the games’ creators some love, for what they’re trying to do?

    They’re trying to have us enjoy the game. You may not reach each level or character you want but, honestly, this is a mostly freemium game.

    If it were all easy and free, I probably wouldn’t play it.

    Let it go, folks. Keep playing


  3. Jan Vallejo de Vries

    ff today 5 times and zero olives. Disappointing.


  4. RT – please pass this along

    why can’t drop rates be tied to the time the task takes?

    For example: 8 or 12 hour tasks should always give the item (since they can’t be done as often). 4 to 6 hour tasks could be uncommon. 2 hour tasks would be the rare tasks (since they can be done much more often)

    Instead, we have 4 and 6 hour tasks (for limes) that result in the same, miserable, drop rate (rare).

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  5. Still only 1 olive for me. Don’t like where this is going…


  6. wow .. fast forwarded Stewie 5 times and got 0 olives !! ZERO !!


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