Daily Archives: February 26, 2020

Reminder – Valentine’s Day Week 3 isn’t starting until Thursday!!!

I thought I’d remind you all that Week 3 isn’t starting until Thursday, 27th February. So don’t panic that you aren’t seeing the usual weekly release today.

Fast Forward Feature Feedback!!!

Seeing quite a few comments from players regarding the recently removed task fast forward feature.

As you know I  can’t give you a load of information on this as I’ve not had it in my game,  but basically this feature allows you to fast forward/rush tasks in exchange for watching videos. I’ve named this playing “speedium“.

It was in a limited number of players games and whether it is rolled out again will probably depend on how it impacted the games stability and of course it’s effect on game play.

Anyway a fellow reader p, Chris K, asked if I’d put up a post where you could discuss the feature, and here it is. Feel free to chat about it here or fast forward to the next post.