Reminder – Valentine’s Day Week 3 isn’t starting until Thursday!!!

I thought I’d remind you all that Week 3 isn’t starting until Thursday, 27th February. So don’t panic that you aren’t seeing the usual weekly release today.

11 responses to “Reminder – Valentine’s Day Week 3 isn’t starting until Thursday!!!

  1. Agreed. In 5+ years of play I have never been this far behind. The Dog Treat drops are absurd. 24 hours and 9 potential and get 1, maybe 2. Lois needs 3 (2x) so yeah this is a really uninteresting grind. I have never stopped playing an event, but this one is close. Thanks TC/JC! Like I need to be frustrated to get another Joe or Bruce costume. Nah!


  2. Well as of today I no longer have the FF option. It was nice while it lasted. Anyone else lose or gain this feature with the week 3 update?


  3. might take me most of next week to get to week 3 (or not get there if the battle requirements change)


  4. Is there an indicative time? It’s already 7:15am on Thursday for me, making it 6:15pm EST on Wednesday in the US, so I’m just not sure when week 3 is supposed to start. Not that it matters, as I still need to clear 6 Dog Girls, which means at least another 16 hours to ge the bones. I’ve been spending heaps of clams speeding up those tasks over the past few days just to keep up.


    • I reckon it will be after 10am PST but when I’m still trying get an idea of


      • I finished Week 2 about 5 days ago, but I’m wondering if they will extend the event by a day so that the Week 3 time includes 7 days instead of 6. For the first time, I’m 2 ranks behind in QHS. I think it’s because I have 326 characters — and I’m getting fatigued and burned out on nearly 1,000 swipes a day to send characters to Go for the Gold. It’s making me lose interest to do so many repetitive mundane things 3 x 326 times a day. They have GOT to come up with a better way to send all characters who are wandering around off to GftG. It’s the #1 flaw in the game today.


        • I don’t think they’ll extend it a day, instead they’ve added more tasks to get the Dog Treats etc. It will be close at 6 days especially without ff, but I think it’s doable.

          QHS, well another rank will be upon us soon, so you’re going need lot medals but please remember there’s no rush, take a break from putting characters on the 326 x 3 times a day, and just play the last week of the event.

          They are still working on improvements to QHS but there’s been other glitches that need their attention. So as I say don’t burn yourself out trying to be ahead all the time in QHS as it’s not like events, you can play it a little more casually. Honestly I wouldn’t enjoy the game if I started sending all my characters on Go For Gold 3 times a day, personally I instead use the task to level up some characters and the rest are still checked in to Tan Lines.


  5. Is there a way we were supposed to know this? Is there something in the game to let us know? Lost 8+ hours of stocking up waiting for the update today because I kept the current event characters available for phase 3. My count down clock says <6 days 18 hours. This means less than 1 week for the last phase.


    • The In,y notice was on Part 7 of main Questline and it took me until that post went up to get confirmation that wasn’t a mistake. Hopefully Week 3 will be adjusted for the lost Day


  6. Thank goodness for that! In the last 24 hours out of a possible 9 dog treats that could’ve dropped I’ve got 1!! It’s going to take until next week to even get past part 6! Getting really miffed with this games drop rate.


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