Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Quahog Historical Society

As you know I sometime put up posts where you can share with Jam City any ideas you have or  suggestions to improve your game experience, I then wave it in front of them and wait…..


Despite this game being almost 6 years old now, Jam City Support are continuing to show they are listening. For a long while now players have been asking for a way to get old characters and costumes they missed, and they heard us and brought Quahog Historical Society to our games.

QHS brings us another chance to get hundreds of past characters and costumes as new ranks are released every few days. Upon its realise I asked for your feedback and suggestions to improve this and you gave plenty of ideas, and Jam City have so far delivered on quite a few of these.

  • Go For Gold Task moved to top of character task lists
  • Quahog Historical Museum building released as a new location for tasks, taking them away from the Griffin House
  • Characters original buildings required for Questlines unlocked with character
  • Visual added to show Medal drops
  • Glitches fixed

So thanks for that Jam City.

But im sure there’s more to be done to make Quahog Historical Society one of the best additions to the game, so I want you the players to tell me here what else you want. Be it a send all button, collect all medals button, more ranks, more ways to get medals, other characters or costumes, whatever it is tell me your thoughts here and I’ll make sure Jam City sees them. And please if you’ve time vote in the poll below.

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28 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Quahog Historical Society

  1. there are hundreds of characters in this game yet the same 8-10 are the only ones that ever get used for the most part. i get these are the most common players new people would have but it doesn’t reward people who have been playing since day one. Secondly, and this one drives me crazy, it seems like every event one character is needed for multiple drops. Again there are hundreds of characters in the game, why does it need to be Peter for example who is the only one needed to unlock 2 totally separate things, often rare items with long tasks. Every item required should be by totally separate character. It’s beyond frustrating.


    • When they bring in other characters for events newer players get stuck. They have recently been using characters from recent events, we’ll probably see this later in this event. But to be honest to allow all players to enjoy the events this is the fairest way, look at the isdues when they use Stewie in events, players who don’t have him can’t progress. The duplicate drops from characters annoys many and I guess this could easily be fixed by having a double drop on a character task or early buildings having drops.


  2. Would be nice to be able to cancel a task that you send someone on by mistake. We would get no rewards for it, but you could send that character on a task that you intended..

    Also on the limited time events, it would be nice if after we have met the requirements for a certain part of a character/costume if they would clear out from a character’s task list like they used to. That way we don’t accidentally send them to do a pointless task.


  3. I’d like them to put more ranks with more characters instead of costumes, but at the moment I love the characters they’ve added and all I want are buttons to send everyone to Collect Gold and another to collect everything.


  4. I agree with the others who have posted requesting a way to cancel a character’s current task. We’ve needed this from the first days of the game years ago.

    Obviously give it an “Are you sure” pop-up. Maybe that could be a new use for coins (or Stewie Bucks!). “Cancelling (character) task (task name) will cost X coins”. You can even make the penalty 1.5 times the task’s reward to discourage casual cancelling.


  5. How about Fast Forward feature for everyone? Seems like a no brainer.
    Oh, and why are premium characters and items so expensive? I’d be willing to pay 30-50 clams depending on full character, or item…but the current pricing seems a bit aggressive. I realize there needs to be some profit taking, but the current pricing is making me save my precious clams for a rainy day.


  6. I still like playing “The Daily Quest for Stuff”. But don’t like it when it requires a character that is used for drops in an ongoing event. I have always felt “drop characters” should somehow be sequestered from TDQfS so a player can play & complete that feature, if they want, without sacrificing drop opportunities in an ongoing event. Also just realized that there is a FF feature some players get to use in their games. I am not one of those players, but would like to be able to use that feature. Simply because there are times where I’m rushing to complete something, like sending characters to the QHS before going to bed, but inadvertently send one who is needed in an event. My choices now are use clams to rush the task or wait 8 hours for the task at the QHS to complete. FF would be a great solution to this type of dilemma. I would like all players to have the FF feature.


  7. We are excited! We used to have old characters on an old account but ended up forgetting all the login information so we started over a few months ago. It would be great to be able to collect what we did before 😀


  8. Here’s an idea; use the money (coins) and Stewie notes to buy the golden coins used to unlock characters/costumes. 🙂
    I know it’s been said before, but while there are a couple of things you can use them for when you start playing, after a while they have become redundant. Personally i’ve stopped doing the daily quest simply because the reward is not worth it. An occassional clam once every couple of months is nice, but 99% of the time i get one green Stewie buck, to go with the few hundred i already have.
    Something like this might keep newer players around longer, or older players happy that they have finally been listened to.
    Whatever ratio the exchange was, i’d be happy, just to get rid of something no longer of value in the game would be better in my book.

    Lower the price of Kool Aid Man. At 750 clams he’s just way too much! Considering once he’s done his task he would be just another character to go gold coin hunting, seems like he is just a status to brag about, unless he will be like Human Rupert and appear in the characters to unlock…. 🙂

    Finally, spinning the wheel, could they kindly make it so when it lands on the ‘star prize’ it doesnt just stop for halve a second then jump onto the one next to it? Seriously, this happens all the time, most i have won is the 3 clams, and 95% of the time it lands on rp. I know they dont owe us players anything from adding it, but at least stop at the right place, even if i’m not gonna win top prize, when it does land my heart misses a beat, then drops when it moves along 😦 Also, it only ever ‘jumps’ when its about to land on the top prize, never on any of the other prizes.

    Damn, that’s better! Thanks for letting me air that, feeling lighter already!
    Now to see how many olives my characters have’nt collected, lol.
    That’ll bring me down off my high again!


  9. One of the tough things will be the licensed characters – they were probably licensed for the time of the event. I joined after the NFL event, and I’d like to get those guys, but my guess is they won’t re-license them…


  10. Same old issue with sending 300 characters to Go for the Gold 3 times a day. That’s 900 tedious tasks. Find a way to send them all at once — or make the QHS building another island in the water like Tan Lines and let us park them there.

    We also need a QHS for the hundreds of buildings that don’t fit in the game space. Let’s at least be able to harvest their coins.

    And then give us more characters or mystery box things that coins can be used for. I’ve got almost 200 million coins. Let me use 1M coins for a mystery box or to buy clams or characters or something.

    Same issue with my 62 Gold Stevie Bucks. How about opening an airport currency conversion booth somewhere to trade in useless old currency? Mort should run it. And Herb should watch kids empty their pockets of coins. LOL


  11. I am very happy for some of the recent changes, like getting older characters and costumes with the Historical Society, the new building for Go for the Gold tasks, and even moving the gold task to the top of the list. I would like to see a new use for Stewie Bucks. Tan Lines is essentially obsolete as we put most, if not all, characters on the Gold task. I already have the characters and decorations that could be purchased with Stewie Bucks. It would be nice to have a conversion from Stewie Bucks to Gold Medals, or even a trophy for QHS. Maybe a Gold Stewie Buck (or 5) for a Trophy, or something along those lines to use our backlog of cash and give an incentive to keep using Tan Lines.


  12. A suggestion I would love to see implemented would be if there was an easier way to pull out only those characters that are needed for current “quests”. I for one have quite a bit of the medals stocked up so I just leave those characters that arte in the Hall collecting medals just stay on hold until I need them for something particular. What I have found is that now, if I need a character/ outfit for a quest line or character creation item I need to release everyone (including checking which outfits) to see who is needed (or look it up and still release everyone until I get those ones out). It would be nice if, when selecting the particular quest activity or character creation item actions and a used character is in the Society Hall “on hold” that they could be pulled directly from the Hall rather than having to release any others to get to them.

    I hope my explanation was clear enough but, you asked. 🙂


  13. Hey what about having QHS open in the most recently completed Rank position the player has completed rather than in Rank 1?


    • You can use the down scroll arrow to take you to the Rank you’ve last unlocked


      • Apologies I wasn’t clear, what I am suggesting is to open the QHS in the most recently completed Rank so you don’t have to use the drop down arrow. As we progress deeper into the Ranks it only makes sense. It’s an automatic reaction every time I tap on the Ranks icon that I hit the drop down…wouldnt it save everyone a click if it opened where you need it rather than at position 1.


        • I think it just takes a second to hit the down arrow to be taken right to the last rank opened, so not something that really bothers me, if I had to scroll all the way down then I’d maybe be keener. But if enough want it they may do it.


  14. I appreciate that Jam City added the ability to get old characters and fixed most of the issues with how that worked. I just wish that they could add more characters from earlier events like the Star Trek and other crossovers. Right now most of the “characters” are costumes, not characters.


    • Sadly I think some events had licenses and stuff, so they may not come back.
      It sucks, I really wanted Freddy Krueger or the American Dad characters…

      On the other hand, I also want Diane Simmons to come back, but I don’t see her on the ranks yet… we’ll see… had her on my old save but I lost it 😦


  15. I’d like a system to select multiple characters at a time to enter QHS to complete the Going For Gold mission. As system matching that of selecting multiple characters to send in Tan Lines.

    I’d also like an option to cancel a characters Going For Gold mission. It’s annoying for a character to have an action in the main questline of an event but they’re already in QHS and you have to wait hours to get them again.


  16. Definitely at minimum a “collect all” button, preferably coupled with “send all” (though we’d have to be careful to make sure characters with other questline tasks are sent on those first). If they can’t do that, then prices need to be lowered somewhat (3000+ medals for a character/costume is a bit much).

    Also would like to see ranks added with characters from more recent events (looking at you, Winter Meg and King Stewart).


  17. Send all-button is a must!
    Collect all medals -button a must! This is getting painfully annoying with the 100’s of characters for it to keep going.ive already givin up once on this at first but they made it a little easier so I started again but now concerned if it’s worth all this time and effect.


  18. I actually don’t want “send all” or “collect all” capability. I like Consuelas sweeper that picks up coins, that was, at the beginning of play, something that was important, gaining coins. For new players it remains a challenge as coins are required for buildings. As a long term player, I mainly need that now just to clean up the visual aspect of my town.
    For the QHS, I like the “if you want more you need to work for it” approach. If someone wants to send 200+ characters every eight hours, cool, but your fingers gonna do a lot of swiping. Otherwise it’s just another thing we will be able to blast thru and get right back to the state we were in, wanting something new to do.
    What I would like to see is if a character that is needed for a task is currently in QHS museum and they are all ready to go, when that task generates the “aw, we need so and so to do that”, that character can be pulled out. The entire building is the release point for all the characters and maybe I’m not ready to go through up to 200+ characters to find one. The way Tan Lines has the diff floors, maybe create diff rooms in the museum, we tap the museum to see who is in which room, we also do our collecting there, allow us to do smaller groups?


  19. To be honest, I think is is good as it is now. They should not be expected to make it so easy that it is like giving you the characters, so having to do a bit of work is to be expected. If you CHOOSE to have 200 characters collecting medals, then you have to deal with the effort of cycling them all every 8 hours, but if you only collect with 20-30 characters, as I do, it is not a big deal. I now use it to level up all new characters, instead of sending them on repeated animated tasks, as I used to do, until sending them to Tan Lines, when they level up to max.


  20. Thank you so much for your posts and updates.

    One thing that I have noticed with the QHS is the amount of Gold Medals needed for a character or costume as you unlock more ranks.

    I find the amounts is getting ridiculously high. It can take like 1 to 3 weeks to unlock a character or costume.

    There should be a rank level increase with Gold Medals drop or keep the amount to unlock at a reasonable amount.

    I don’t have many characters or costumes unlocked. It’s becoming to a point the QHS will be a in game feature that is not used any more because it’s too much work to unlock a character or costume.

    We’re doing double work with an event and unlocking QHS.

    Thanks again your the best.


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