Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Jesus Clam Task

As you know I sometime put up posts where you can share with Jam City any ideas you have or  suggestions to improve your game experience, I then wave it in front of them and wait…..


Despite this game being almost 6 years old now, Jam City Support are continuing to show they are listening and I like to give them credit for that, as we are quick enough to complain when they don’t listen.

So what’s new? Well some players who rightly chase every free clam they can get have been asking if I could get them to put Jesus’ rare Clam drop task at the top of his task list, and I’m pleased to say they’ve done just that.

Jesus’ Turn Water Into Clams and Touchdown Jesus’ Completely Foresake Cleveland Sports Teams are now just below their Going For Gold tasks. No more scrolling to the bottom to find it.

This now also applies to Black Jesus’ Lie About His Age rare Clam drop task.

So thanks for that Jam City.

But I’m sure there’s more to be done to make Quahog great again, so if there’s anything you want me to ask them about just comment below and I’ll certainly bring any reasonable and sensible suggestions to their attention. 

Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Jesus Clam Task

  1. I realize this is almost a month old now, but I’ll post it anyways.

    I wish they would fix the slowdown. I realize that my 4 year old 1st gen iPad Pro is considered old now, but something changed on their end where now when I click on a building which is ready to collect from, it takes nearly 5 seconds of a frozen screen before it completes the action. This translates to anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes of wait time when having Consuela collect with her vacuum. It also makes for a very long wait when finishing everyone’s “go for gold” task. I usually tap very fast a few hundred times then wait a few minutes until everyone has been tapped, or someone levels up (in which I must start tapping again.

    This is all I ask… however my wish is that they start adding new districts again. This game has lots left to offer as far as content, but constant events appears to be where they decided to go.

    Whatever they decide, I’ll still play the game, either until my ancient iPad Pro stops supporting it, or the devs stop producing content. I’ll keep coming here as long as possible too, always a great place to get information on the state of the game and to see if I’m doing it right (from time to time, lol). So thanks for keeping the site up, even through your personal struggles.


    • Thanks, much appreciated.

      The freezing happened as part of the latest update, they’ve said it will be fixed with the next update which is on its way soon.


  2. I wish they had an option to manually search for a play by typing in the name etc. sometimes I don’t have time to go through every level on tan lines, or to click on the go for gold building .
    Also… less 8 hour tasks for items. So annoying. That 4 hour task mark is great. And in general more characters to drop items if they can’t change the 8 hour task drops. Characters in mystery boxes should also just be for sale. I don’t even waste time and money on a mystery box so I always miss out on those characters. I’d purchase all characters if it weren’t for that. And usually the items in the mystery box sucks or they do not benefit me.


  3. I know not everyone had the function but I was able to fast forward a task by 2 hours by watching ads, to a certain point each day, for quite some time now and then it just disappeared. I would very much like it to be a permanent fixture!


  4. Let us put away the spirit portal. It’s large and useless. It hasn’t been used for years. Toggle that flag off.


  5. I like to play new events to gain old characters like Star Trek, ghostbusters and master of the universe… and random one like ace Ventura or Bryan Cranston or Vizzini…


  6. I would really like to see the ability to claim all the “Go for the gold” tasks at once and then send everyone that isn’t needed for a special job back to “Go for the gold” at the same time. I have over 140 characters so it takes forever to send them individually.


    • I don’t mind so much the tapping them out of the building as much as sending them on the task individually, we already have a mechanism (Tan Lines) that can send multiple characters into a specific building simply by adding them on a separate screen, so I’d like to see a mechanism similar to Tan Lines to send them to “Go for the Gold”…


  7. Ditto for Black Jesus’s 24 hr clam-dropping “Lie About His Age” task.


  8. Still killing me not have an easier way to send 300 characters to Gonfor the Gold 3X per day. They need a more viable solution.


    • Hopefully it will come but fixing the glitches that are plaguing some players has to take priority just now, if we could get them dealt with I’m sure team will start looking at this and other suggestions


  9. I still wonder if there’s anything the programmers can do to stop the game from crashing on the Amazon Fire Tablet. I have to basically restart my tablet every day to get it to not disconnect after just a very short period of time. When it crashes, it forgets everything I tried to get it to do during the few minutes between starting and crashing. I’d not be so bothered if it didn’t just immediately forget what I instructed characters to do every time it crashes. The only exception is the rare time when it doesn’t crash for long enough for a character to start a task, but that’s almost never anymore.


  10. –No more uncommon or worse drops coupled to 8-hour tasks. Max six hours for uncommon, four or less for rare.
    –No more mystery boxes. Characters should be simply available for the usual clam cost.
    –Peter should ALWAYS have event-related tasks and drops. He’s one of the few characters players are guaranteed to have available for events.
    –Events should start either Sunday or Monday. As support seems to check out for the weekend, by the time they sift through tickets and figure out what’s wrong, it’s very often Monday and the week is almost over.


    • All good points but the request for events on a Sunday/Monday has been floated but as players have the most free time at weekends they prefer them to drop later in the week.


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