Valentine’s Day Tips For Week 3!!!

Now that the second phase of Valentine’s Day is well under way I thought I’d give my thoughts on what you might want to stockpile for week 3.

Please be aware this is just my guess, I could be wrong, but it’s what I’ll be concentrating on.

Love Potions
Dog Treats

10 responses to “Valentine’s Day Tips For Week 3!!!

  1. when are they fixing the Consuela glitch?


  2. My 2-hr Video FF option is gone as well … I contacted them and Tech Help said they installed a manual fix , but it’s still not working . I only need one more dog treat to unlock Joe , and I haven’t had a single drop in 2 days …


  3. Not only are dog treats hard to source with only 3 characters that can farm them, you need 3 of them to fight couples to drop condoms for Mercutio Joe. Presently there are only three characters that can fight couples…Juliet Lois, Mercutio Joe and Capulet Stewie.

    Capulet Stewie can’t be gotten thanks to mystery box glitch, and you can’t get Mercutio Joe without doing lots of fights first for the condom drops. This leave a single character to do two fights (6 dog bones) to take down one couple to get just one condom. That’s 18 fights (54 dog bones) needed to take down enough couples to earn Mercutio Joe, who is needed to fight couples….uuurgh!!!

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    • It was a challenge to defeat enough couples. I got lucky a few times and got on hit KO’s from Lois (so that saved me some bones). I was just having terrible luck with the drops.

      Having Romeo Peter with nothing to do except fight dog girls was a major fail for the week.


  4. I concur with photosurrealism; still trying to get enough dog treats just to clear couples. I also find it irritating that you have to buy characters to team up with Juliet Lois so earning Romeo Peter in week 1 was pointless.

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  5. Dog Treats are way too hard to get considering how many you need! It’s really not fair. Everything else seems to be coming along nicely. Can’t watch ads for a two-hour boost anymore either, apparently, so I don’t think I can finish this week on time, much less stock up for next week.

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