The Mystery Of The Missing Egg Hunt!!!

Some of you have noticed, and are commenting that there’s no menu button to access the Egg Hunt mini game. Well actually there is it’s just hidden in the event info screen. So to access the mini game just tap on the event icon highlighted below.

Once the event information page loads you’ll see the Egg Hunt is accessible by clicking on the Egg Hunt button at the bottom of the screen.

6 responses to “The Mystery Of The Missing Egg Hunt!!!

  1. the egg hunt game is also inconsistent I have got 4 eggs and only gotten 1 trap ( 4c eags is really hard to do)and got 3 eggs and got either 1 or 4 traps and once 1 egg gave me 4 traps…


  2. You can also click on an Easter Rabbit and then on the plus / net sign below.


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