Easter Rager Phase 1 – Where Are You Now Poll

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the first phase of the event halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now Poll.

So  you best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

8 responses to “Easter Rager Phase 1 – Where Are You Now Poll

  1. Hot chocolate drops are notably horrendous, uncommonly uncommon. I hope they find alternate uses for nets as I have over 50 of them since acquiring all the drop items, hope they don’t change items but suspect they will as they have done in the past…


  2. Still working on Lois. Just have hot chocolate left (6 more to go).


  3. Drops of hot chocolate are pretty bad, especially from the last building. I’ve had everything else for 90s Lois for two days now, and am still short on Wednesday morning.


    • agreed, it’s Thursday 10:30 a.m. est. usa and I still need 8 hot chocolates, the drop rate says uncommon but it’s more of a rare. I’m getting 1 drop out of 3 possible each time.


      • yep, the curse of the uncommon drop strikes again.
        I had 1 item drop in 10 or more collections yesterday, so i’m still 12 away

        and the building that drops hot choc has been less than useless. it dropped 2 on the first collection after i purchased it but then nothing else for days!


  4. Should have a yes or no asking if you got ******* for 200 eggs by accident


  5. Still locked out (for three weeks) with no reply from TinyCo in over a week. Can’t wait for an update, wish I knew when.


  6. I’m one day from getting 90s Peter, but 10 days from getting 90s Lois! One character only generates egg nets. So I average 2 per day. The nets catch 4 eggs per day so 3 or 4 coloured pills per day. But 60 are required! I’ve got 18, so 42 to go at 3 or 4 a day. Phase 2 will be over before I complete phase 1. This is undoubtedly deliberate. Make game play feeble so players have to buy clams to progress. This game is supposed to be fun, not a no chance chore.


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