6th, 9th or 69th Anniversary – it’s up to you!!!

Some of you have noticed, and are commenting that you can rotate the 6th Anniversary Monument and it becomes the 9th Anniversary Monument.  So if you want your 6th to become the 9th just rotate it. Or if you’ve got lots Easter Eggs leftover at the end you can buy another one and even have a 69th Anniversary Monument.

(And yes I know technically you could also have a 66th or 99th Anniversary as well….)

6 responses to “6th, 9th or 69th Anniversary – it’s up to you!!!

  1. Cherry Bakewell

    Or perhaps consider this ‘feature’ itself to be an Easter Egg! 🙂


  2. 😂 Or 96th even! Either an interesting error, or weirdly advance preparation on JC/TC’s part!


  3. Jam City thinking ahead to the 9th anniversary of the game, saving time making new assets.


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