Update Alert – Android App Version 2.4.2

Hi fellow addicts

There’s an update in the Playstore, App Version 2.4.2.

The update itself is mostly behind the scene fixes, including fixing the ability to buy multiples of unique items and the game crashing when there’s a short period of inactivity, oh and there’s a new game icon.

Please note sometimes updates are staggered so you might not see it immediately on your Android device.

6 responses to “Update Alert – Android App Version 2.4.2

  1. But still no fix on the mystery box glitch huh. Makes me think they never will fix it or offer those characters.


  2. I got this update on Friday – if it fixes the game crashes for you then great. Saturday morning I thought great, the game is working again, no more connection lost, and I made a lot of progress on phase 2, but Saturday afternoon I logged back in and I’m back where I was Friday night.


    • I honestly don’t know what else to suggest for you and the couple others stuck with this issue. I’ll raise it with support again.


      • Well, I have the same issue once again. Connection Lost keeps coming up more frequently, at first it didn’t seem to set back any noticeable amount of progress, but now I’m starting to see that too. I guess I’ll just have to nuke again, although I’m getting quite tired of that whole routine now…


        • Just confirming that nuking worked (again) and game works like normal (again) at least for the time being. Getting a bit tired though of this working-bugged-nuking-working-bugged-nuking-working loop they’ve had going recently…


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