What The Deuce & Lockdown Blues!!!

Well we’ve all made it through another week of lockdown and the indoor weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest. And whilst Covid-19 is about I also want this to be somewhere you can take your lockdown frustrations.

So welcome to the new, temporary WHAT THE DEUCE & LOCKDOWN BLUES?!

What the Deuce

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting. Censor yourselves so we don’t have to!!  

Please remember any comments, feedback or suggestions regarding the last event St Patrick’s Day should be made in the feedback post that you can find by clicking here. 

10 responses to “What The Deuce & Lockdown Blues!!!

  1. Has anyone else been getting game crashes lately (iOS)?

    Somewhat often the game will load and I’ll start to tap on buildings and after a few taps, the game crashes. The good news is so far once it crashes once the game is okay the second time, but this is now happening several times a day.

    The game hasn’t been updated for 3 weeks, but I just started seeing this the last week.


  2. Why did they put a building in week 2 that generates paint pots and not decks of cards. I already have a lot left over from week 1 anyhow. Currently takes 16 hours to clear 1 magician because I only get enough to attack once and with only LL Stewie at present. Paint gets you 5 chips because they don’t drop anything else useful. What a waste.

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    • Biggest hold up of the week right there. That building that drops paint is another in the long line of useless buildings that they include in these events.
      There always seems to be one that you waste your resources to unlock and then don’t even need the drops.
      I guess this is just their way of making the event actually take the entire week.


  3. WTD! Why can’t we have a way to send every character on their 8 hour collect gold coins for trophy tasks all at once?! It’s super annoying to click on 400+ characters and each send them, it takes literally 15 minutes. It should be similar to tan lines hotel where you open it, click on all the characters you want to send and BOOM problem solved! Please add this feature tinyco!

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    • I end up hardly ever clearing that building and resending on task because it takes forever. On top of that, trying to find someone to take out of there that is needed for an event is quite the chore as well.


      • haha – i do exactly the same. send everyone for the coin task but rarely clear it because it’s a pain sending everyone back on task.

        annoingly though the game will throw in a random character thats required for a quest task and it takes ages clearing the coin task just to find said character and then sending them all back on the task.

        it would be great if they could introduce a button or option to send all free characters on this task, but i cant see it happening or at least not for a while.
        (think about how long it took to get consuela’s coin vaccum!)


    • I only do 50 at a time. I just cant stand it to do more.


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